Fear of Surgery

Eliminate your fear of surgery today and claim your mind back from worry, stress, negative thoughts and panic!

Fear of Surgery CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from tomophobia (a fear of surgery)?
  • Are you worried that you will need surgery in the future, and your thoughts are starting to consume your mind?
  • Are you on a waiting list or scheduled for surgery and just can't get it out of your mind?
  • Do you find yourself frequently worrying about your surgery throughout the day, the stress and worry getting more and more unbearable?
  • Is your phobia for surgery starting to have a negative impact on your everyday life? Your productivity, state of mind, ability to function normally, your social life and how you spend your time?

Are your daily thoughts being totally overrun by thinking about and worrying about surgery?

If you just lose control of yourself and worry obsessively about the fact that you are due for surgery then this hypnosis album has been made specifically for YOU!

Hypnosis is an extremely effective way of eliminating a phobia; because essentially your phobia has been constructed within your mind, hypnosis gains access directly to your subconscious mind, directly to the source of your fears. Hypnosis accesses the beliefs (which you have created and conditioned yourself to react to) surrounding your phobia of surgery, targets them and replaces them with positive beliefs. After a little repetition this results in your phobia dissolving and you feeling much more neutrally, even positively towards needing surgery.

Some people have no excessive or obsessive fear of surgery, they can go about their normal lives even though they are awaiting surgery and it doesn't consume their every waking thought. They simply have a neutral, or positive way of thinking about surgery and they are not afraid. This tomophobia hypnosis cd simply works to instill within you the same patterns of thinking as these people have. Once you start thinking like them, then you too won't be afraid of surgery and will feel much calmer.

This mind penetrating album will:

  • Re-wire the way you think about surgery on much deeper level; on an unconscious level. Even after just the first time listening you will notice the difference. Upon thinking about your surgery next you will feel much more in control of your emotions and be much calmer. You won't feel the stress and the worry as intensely. This is just the the beginning, after this first session you will also be filled with positivity and you will just know that you will be able to eliminate your fear of surgery forever!
  • Make you think more positively about your upcoming surgery. You will stop thinking of all the negatives and worrying so much. You will instead find yourself focusing on the positives; how the surgery will be good for you, help you, heal you, and improve the quality of your life in the long term.
  • Eliminate the deeper conditioning you have created towards surgery, and so change your natural response when you think about surgery, visit the hospital or have to talk about upcoming procedures etc: You will gain self control and control over your own reactions. You will find yourself thinking logically and your years of negative conditioning towards surgery will start to dissolve.
  • Put you back in the driving seat of your emotional mind! You will stop getting so emotionally involved in the moment whenever you think about surgery. You will find yourself calmer and much more in control. You will stop letting your thoughts run away with themselves and thinking obsessively about your upcoming surgery – you will be in control of your mind, not the other way around. You will simply be able to “deal with” the thought of needing surgery like you never thought possible.

This album really can change your entire conditioning and belief systems that you hold towards surgery.

Ultimately this hypnosis session will transform your mind in a way you didn't think possible. It will give you relief from stressful and worry based thoughts about surgery make you think like other people who aren't afraid. You will start to think like these people, and behave like them and develop a much more neutral attitude towards surgery!

What to Expect

This phobia elimination hypnosis session is an interactive and immersive experience. You will journey hypnotically though your own mind and examine the connections you have established around surgery, this will form the base of your transformation of thinking and naturally you will start to overcome your phobia forever.

Short Term

You will finish your first session feeling more positive about your phobia. You will just know that with some repetition you really will be able to overcome your fear and move forward towards surgery with a much healthier, much more positive mindset.

Long Term

Over the course of a couple of weeks you will experience your whole way of thinking about surgery change. You will simply start thinking and acting like someone who just isn't scared of surgery. Effortlessly, your phobia will dissolve before your eyes, you will be free from your fear of surgery forever, and even feel positively about it!

Download your fear of surgery hypnosis cd and eliminate your fear naturally, from the inside-out, today!