Fear of Death

Overcome your fear of death today and live your life to the full, free from worry with help from this this mind penetrating hypnosis download!

Fear of Death CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from thanatophobia (a fear of death)?
  • Do you constantly worry about death, and get intensely emotional at the thought of death and dying?
  • Do you feel uncontrollable anxiety when you think about death or if you are exposed to death?
  • Do you ever get obsessive that you must do everything you possibly can to avoid death?
  • Do you know that your fears are unreasonable or exaggerated but you still experience anxiety from the fact that you have no ability to control them?

Is your phobia of death causing you extreme anxiety and limiting your ability to function normally?

If you just lose control of yourself when worrying about death then this hypnosis album has been made specifically for YOU!

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for combating phobias. This is because your phobia exists within your mind. It isn't real in the way that a physical sickness is real for example – you have constructed it with your mind and conditioned yourself to experience fear.

It is because of this, because it is a mental condition you have created yourself that hypnosis can take control and cure it. Helping you to overcome your fear of death is actually EASY for hypnosis to do.

This mind penetrating album will:

  • Re-wire the way you relate to death on an unconscious level. You will feel differently after you finish listening to this cd, even just the first time. When you think about death you will feel much more in control of your emotions and be much calmer. This is just the the beginning, these feelings will grow as you listen more and more over the coming days.
  • Transform your natural responses when you encounter death: You will gain self control and control over your own reactions more than ever before and not spiral into negative and anxious patterns of thinking.
  • Stop you from acting on impulse and behaving obsessively in the moment. You will stop being overwhelmed by obsessive feelings that you must do everything you possibly can to avoid death. You will not feel the need to “escape”, you will take time out, pause for thought and you will think about death in a much more rational way and be able to live your life normally!
  • Give you back control over your emotional mind! You will stop getting so emotionally involved in the moment whenever you encounter death or just think about death or dying. You will start to think more rationally and logically and you will no longer experience the life affecting anxiety that you currently do.

What to Expect

This album actually will change your entire conditioning and belief systems that you hold towards death and worries about dying. Ultimately it will make you think like other people who aren't obsessively scared of death. You will start to think like these people, and behave like them and develop a much more neutral attitude towards death!

Short Term

After listening just once you will feel more positive, you will also just know that with some repetition you really will be able to overcome your fear and live your life how you really want to, that you will be able to overcome your fear of death and live a normal life.

Long Term

Over a longer period your whole way of thinking about death change. You will actually think like someone who just naturally isn't afraid of death, doesn't obsessively think and worry about it. Naturally you will start to feel much more neutral towards death and dying and think more rationally and logically and ultimately you will be free from your fear of death forever!

Download your fear of death hypnosis cd and eliminate your fear safely and naturally!