Overcome your claustrophobia today and live your daily life free from fear, anxiety and panic!

Claustrophobia CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from claustrophobia (a fear of confined, narrow and enclosed spaces)?
  • Do you dread taking the elevator, hate a busy train or cramped bus ride, maybe your claustrophobia affects you even just in small, closed off rooms?
  • Do you experience anxiety automatically and uncontrollably?
  • Do you do everything possible to avoid confined spaces? Even limiting your life experience or doing things the long / hard way?
  • Is your claustrophobia getting worse and worse and limiting your ability to live a normal life?

If you panic in confined spaces and go well out of your way to avoid them then this hypnosis album has been made specifically for YOU!

Imagine what life would be like if you weren't limiting yourself, if you weren't restricted in the places you could go and the activities you could do... Imagine being free and happy to take the elevator, without the panic... imagine taking a journey on crowded public transport without the anxiety overpowering you, making your heart race, making you sweat.. Imagine living a life without constant anxiety over the situations you will have to get through on a daily basis... all of this is possible and much more with help from our life changing claustrophobia hypnosis cd!

Hypnosis is a really powerful, natural way of overcoming any phobia – and especially an anxiety based phobia like claustrophobia it can have a remarkable, and quick effect.

This is because your phobia exists within your mind, it is a mental condition. Take the following illustration; two people getting into an elevator can have a vastly different experience – the person with claustrophobia will be deeply distressed, with sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, and they may feel like the journey lasts a lifetime. The other person without a phobia gets into the elevator on “autopilot”, daydreams about their evening plans and barely notices the journey... It is all in the mind, the patterns of thinking and years of conditioning which you have built up differentiates you from someone without this fear.

Because it is a disorder purely of the mind, it is very simple to treat with hypnosis!

Hypnosis penetrates into the mind, bypasses your logical brain, and accesses the patterns of thinking, conditioning and beliefs you have which are causing your phobia. Naturally, hypnosis can eliminate, change and reverse these patterns of thinking. You will find your beliefs and patterns of thinking changing, that you will simply start to think like other people who have no claustrophobia and no negative conditioning towards confined spaces. Once you start to think like this, then your phobia will melt away, you will be able to handle confined spaces naturally, and your anxiety will be a thing of the past.

This transformational hypnosis session will:

  • Completely change the way you feel about being in a confined or enclosed space. You will feel differently even the first time after listening. If you just pause and think about taking an elevator ride or being in a closed, full room then you will not feel as anxious as you usually would. Your anxiety levels will drop and you will feel much more rational and centered.
  • Give you back a feeling of control. When you next find yourself in a confined space you will not feel the lack of control, anxiety and fear that you currently do. You will gain a lot of self control and control over your own mind, and your own reactions. You will find yourself thinking a lot more logically and your years of negative conditioning, beliefs and associations will start to naturally fade away.
  • Help you to take back control over your emotional mind! You will stop getting emotionally involved in the moment. You will be able to stay level headed, calm and focused. You will simply be able to “deal with” confined spaces in a natural way like other people do.
  • Change your outlook from negative to positive. Rather than instinctively worrying, fearing the worst, you will instead think more positively. You will think of all of the positives of being in control, of being able to cope in confined spaces and you will also think on a simple level how good it will feel to conquer your phobia, push yourself and your capabilities and move step by step towards total freedom from your fear.

This claustrophobia hypnosis mp3 really could help you to transform your entire life! You will stop thinking negatively, you will stop worrying, and stop panicking and you will simply be able to enjoy your day to day life, totally free from fear and anxiety!

What to Expect

This simple hypnosis session is an immersive and interactive experience. It will transform your mind naturally from the inside-out. You will be deeply relaxed as you listen and finish each session feeling more and more confident and positive.

Short Term

We recommend that you listen to this album daily for a duration of two weeks or more, however, even from the first session you will notice a change.

You will feel calmer, more confident, and much more in control straight away. Just thinking previous awkward confined circumstances won't seem so bad, and you will just know you will be able to handle yourself better next time.

Long Term

This album is a transformational experience over the longer term. We recommend listening, and giving a real commitment for 2 weeks. If you do, you really will see a massive difference within yourself.

As you continue to listen you will grow and grow in confidence, you will feel better and better in your daily life and you will notice yourself handling confined spaces better and better each time, until naturally you will encounter and get through confined situations without really thinking about it at all. Within a a few weeks you really could be a completely different person, and free from your claustrophobia forever!

Change your life today.. naturally, with this transformational claustrophobia hypnosis cd today and put an end to your fears and anxiety forever!