Fear of Snakes

Eliminate your fear of snakes forever with this natural phobia relief hypnosis download!

Fear of Snakes CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes)?
  • If you see a snake do you react instantly? Perhaps you can't stay in control of yourself and your reaction?
  • Is your fear irrational; you find yourself scared simply because it is a snake rather than being in any actual danger?
  • Is your fear limiting your ability to travel, holiday, or just have a normal, fear free life?

Would touching or holding a snake be impossible for you?

If it would, then this program has been made specifically for you – hypnosis really can make this possible for you and if you really want to change then it will help you to naturally overcome your fear!

Your phobia is mostly irrational, you are only actually scared because of the way you have conditioned yourself mentally, and now a certain series of “events” happens within your mind when you see a snake.

Well, believe it or not, this is all actually a good thing! It is actually because your fear is irrational and a product of your own conditioning that it is very easy for hypnosis to make changes and to help you to overcome it!

This hypnosis cd accesses your subconscious mind directly. This is where your patterns of thinking, conditioned responses, and beliefs about snakes exist – right in the depths of your subconscious mind. Hypnosis is ideally suited and really can eliminate these beliefs directly, quickly, and very naturally. It works to:

  • Change how you think about snakes on a subconscious level. After listening to this session you will feel differently, and react differently when you see a snake.
  • Re-wire your natural response to seeing a snake: You will gain much more self control and control of your reactions– you will be much calmer and more rational and you will not feel as afraid.
  • Stop you from reacting emotionally! More than anything you will just be able to think normally without getting so emotionally involved in the moment.

This album can be a transformational experience. It will change your entire response and thought processes associated to snakes. Right now you instantly think negatively, your fear responses are triggered and you cringe at even the thought of a snake (let alone actually seeing on in real life). With help from this hypnosis session your response will be very different – you will have a much more neutral reaction, stop your fear responses from triggering and you will generally feel much calmer and more in control when thinking about or even seeing snakes in your daily life.

This ophidiophobia hypnotherapy session will make you think like other people who aren't scared of snakes. You will start to think like them, and behave like them, calmly, rationally, and neutrally towards snakes – ultimately you will even be able to be in the same room as a snake or hold or touch one!

What to Expect

This phobia elimination hypnosis track is interactive; it will make you think about your phobia in different ways, it will make you ask questions within yourself and seek the answers and it will take you through your own mind and change the way you think about snakes.

Short Term

You will finish your first session feeling differently about your phobia, looking at snakes in a different way, and just feeling more positive about your phobia and your ability to overcome it. More than anything you will really know that with a little time you will be able to overcome your fear of snakes for real!

Long Term

Over the space of a week or more your whole outlook will change towards snakes. You will start thinking like those people who just naturally aren't scared of snakes – you too will develop a neutral opinion and way of thinking about them and naturally, your phobia will dissolve and you simply won't be scared of snakes anymore – at all!

Download this fear of snakes hypnosis cd today – eliminate your fear much more naturally and take control of your life again!