Fear of Storms

Stop dreading the next storm - overcome your fear using this powerful hypnosis audio.

Fear of Storms CD Album Cover
  • Do you hide under the covers in your room every time a thunderstorm happens? Do you look for extra shelter from the storm and don't feel safe not even when you're in the basement?
  • Are your friends annoyed by your constant fear to go outside during a storm?
  • Is your fear making you petrified, unable to take any action?
  • Do you perhaps think that you'll be a bad example to your kids?
  • Do you really want to get rid of your fear of storms or to at least be able to act in spite of your fear?

If any of these sounds familiar, you're suffering from a condition called astraphobia. Many people with this condition know exactly when it started - usually it was during a storm that happened when they were young, something might have happened that made them feel an abnormal fear, and that fear then kept repeating every time a thunderstorm hit.

What really happened was that you have made yourself believe that every time a storm hits, something terrible will happen - you have conditioned yourself to fear storms ever since and, believe it or not, that's a good news for you. It's a good news because this phobia is something you have created yourself in your mind, and that's why you can easily get rid of it using hypnosis.

Hypnosis tackles your subconscious, where your beliefs are stored, and helps you to change the patterns of thinking that aren't beneficial to you. In this case, Fear of Storm hypnosis targets the cause of your phobia and eliminates the conditioned belief that storms are super dangerous by default, and, by recreating a new thought pattern within your mind, changes the way you react to it.

This album will rewire your mind so that you:

  • Change the way you relate to thunder and storms. You will understand on a deeper level that a thunderstorm doesn't necessarily mean immediate danger - you will change the way you view this natural phenomena and you will feel calmer when you think about it, even after the first listening.
  • Change your natural response when a storm hits. Your conditioning to storms will change - as you won't terrified of it, you will be able to completely control your reactions and possibly even completely eliminate the need for a reaction as the conditioning disappears. You will be able to behave rationally and to think before acting.
  • Become a lot more relaxed when you see a storm approaching. You won't be acting on impulse anymore, looking for a strong shelter or panicking. You will perhaps even be able to observe it and to find beauty in the thunder, without being emotionally attached to it.

What to Expect

This album will make you think differently about your phobia. It will take you on a visual journey that will change the way you view thunders and storms, and help you to think about them rationally and to behave like others who have never had this fear.

Short Term

Even after the first session you will notice that you're not as disturbed when you think about a thunderstorm. You will be relaxed in your mind and body and you will be confident that you're able to overcome this phobia and to react to it normally.

Long Term

With continued use of this album you will notice that your fear has drastically diminished. If you experience a thunderstorm, your reaction to it will be a lot calmer than before, you'll discover that you're able to think and to act and that you don't need the extra shelter anymore. Over time your phobia will naturally dissolve and you'll even be able to be outside during the storm without freaking out - you'll simply be neutral about it, free from your fear forever!

Eliminate your phobia in the most natural way possible - download this audio and say goodbye to your fear of storm once and for all!