Fear of Dogs

Overcome your fear of dogs with this natural hypnosis download and live your life free from fear forever!

Fear of Dogs CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from cynophobia (a fear of dogs)?
  • If you see a dog do instantly freeze and feel fear? Perhaps this reaction is uncontrollable and you just can't help it?
  • Is your fear irrational; you find yourself scared simply because there is a dog rather than worrying about your safety or physical danger?
  • Do you dread having to go to a friend or relatives house whose dog barks and jumps up at you?
  • Is your fear of dogs affecting your whole life? How you live, the places you go to (or don't go to), the activities you do (or don't do)?

Do you just freeze up and panic if you see an aggressive dog running free without its owner or a leash?

If you just can't go near a dog, jump every time one barks, or dread going to a friends house who has a dog, then this program is for you! If you really want to change and live a normal day to day life, free from your fear then this hypnosis audio album really can help you to overcome your fear – naturally.

Stepping back a second, your phobia of dogs has actually been created by yourself, within your own mind. It might be as a result of a one off negative experience or it may have just gradually developed, but it is mostly irrational – there is little danger even from a stray dog – you have conditioned yourself to think and behave like this.

Now believe it or not, this is actually a good thing! Because your fear is a product of your mind, of your imagination, of the conditioning you have programmed into yourself over the years.. you have the ability to reverse this programming – and with the power of hypnosis it is really possible. It is actually EASY for hypnosis to deal with this sort of issue – a phobia or some other set of beliefs which you have created yourself within your mind.

The natural hypnotic commands on this album go straight to your subconscious mind. This is where your patterns of thinking, negatively conditioned responses, and phobic associations towards dogs exist. Hypnosis is ideally suited to eliminate these beliefs directly, quickly and naturally, because it accesses them directly. This album works to:

  • Re-wire the way you think about dogs on deeper, unconscious level. After you finish listening to this cd, even just the first time, you will feel differently. If you see a dog you will feel calmer and much more in control of your emotions straight away. This is just the start, you will feel as if something is clicking into place within your mind and you will know you can eliminate your fear forever.
  • Eliminate the deeper conditioning you have towards dogs, and so change your natural response when you see a dog: You will gain much more self control and control of your reactions, you will be able to think logically and your years of negative conditioning towards dogs will start to dissolve and you will start to think much more neutrally.
  • Put you back in the driving seat, in control of your emotions! You will stop getting so emotionally involved in the moment – you will stay calm, in control of your thoughts and you will think more logically instead of emotionally.

This album really can change your entire conditioning and belief systems that you hold towards dogs. Currently, you have fear responses which are triggered when you see a stray dog, perhaps you even experience fear at just the thought of encountering a stray dog. Our hypnosis download will change your response on a core level– deep within your unconscious mind. You will have a much more neutral reaction, your fear responses will stop triggering and you will feel much calmer and more in control when thinking about or even seeing dogs in your day to day life.

If you use our fear of dogs hypnotherapy audio cd regularly it will transform your mind from the inside-out. It will make you think like other people who aren't scared of dogs. You will start to think like these people, and behave like them and develop a much more neutral attitude towards dogs – you will even be able to be in the same room as a dog and stroke a dog without panicking!

What to Expect

This phobia elimination hypnosis session is an interactive experience. You will journey though your own mind and examine your own beliefs. You will start to think differently about your phobia and the way you think about dogs, and act around them will change forever.

Short Term

You will finish your first session feeling more positive about your phobia and perhaps for the first time ever you will feel a great relief as you will know that with a little time and repetition, you really will be able to overcome your fear.

Long Term

Over the course of one to two weeks you will watch your whole way of thinking about dogs change. You will start thinking like someone who just naturally isn't scared of dogs, naturally, your phobia will start to dissolve and you simply won't be scared of dogs anymore – at all!. You will get your life back, your freedom back, and gain control over your phobia!

Download your copy of this fear of dogs hypnosis cd today – eliminate your fear naturally, from the inside-out, and claim your life back today!