FAQ › How To Use The Albums

What is the best way to listen?

All you need is a comfortable seat, or somewhere you can lie down for 30 minutes without being interrupted.

Get comfortable and play the album - using our albums is no more complicated than that, but please do not listen while you are driving or while your attention is required elsewhere.

How often can I / should I listen to the album?

We recommend listening once per day - especially for the first week.

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently and some people don't need to listen as much as others, however, if you are new to hypnosis then listening to the album just once per day should give you a good insight into how you react and how much you need to use the albums personally.

Listening to an album more than once a day will never do you any harm, but it is not needed. In fact, it's useful to have the time between sessions to process and integrate the new patterns you're choosing. Then repeat the session the next day, and the benefits will continue to grow stronger!

How long does hypnosis take to work?

With all of our albums you will experience some benefits upon listening for the very first time. However, all of our albums have a longer term, more permanent effect - if you keep using the album.

We recommend listening once per day for a week in order to really start to notice the changes building. After a few days and you will be receiving more and more benefit from the album - the more you listen the more the hypnotic commands and suggestions get accepted by your mind and simply become part of who you are - changing your thoughts and behaviour on a deeper level.

One to two weeks may be enough to get most of the benefit and experience a lasting change in your life, but if it is an area which you have struggled with for many years, or perhaps an emotionally challenging area of change then continued use of the album is advised. For some this might be 2 weeks, for others a month or more.

You will be able to tell when you have most or all of the benefit from the album, but even then many people will listen as a “top up”, or if they know they've got a particularly tough situation coming in the near future, to strengthen the new positive ideas that are helping them move easily through it.

Can I listen to multiple albums?

Yes, it is possible to listen to multiple albums, it just depends on your preferences and circumstances: If you are brand new to hypnosis then we would recommend just listening to one album for a week, seeing how you feel and how it works for you before moving onto the next or adding another.

Each album takes 25-40 minutes to listen to, so there is a limit on how many you can listen to in a single day because of this. Once you have some familiarity then you will know personally how you react, how you change, experience growth and how long you need to listen for approximately - this is a subjective question and a little experimentation is required to find what works for YOU personally.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, the changes you experience because of hypnosis can and will last with you forever!

Often people are skeptical because a problem is such a big part of their life - they can’t imagine being fully free from it. Lets take the example of a fear of heights. If you suffer from this phobia it can be very consuming and really influence your quality of life. People often don’t believe that something like hypnosis could cure them of this massive issue in such a small space of time, and that the change could last...

Look at it from the other way around - often a phobia like this is acquired in a short space of time, perhaps due to very brief, but traumatic event. So just as this one traumatic event just happened to stimulate the right area of your mind to make a lasting (negative) impression on your life, hypnosis works to target your mind to make a quick, and equally lasting positive impact on your life!

Am I falling asleep?

Many people think they have fallen asleep when they go into deep hypnosis, and it’s easy to figure out whether you did. Just answer this question: at the end of the session, did you hear Brennan count from 1 back up to 5? If so, then you were definitely listening on a very deep level, which is excellent. If not then you were asleep.

If you are falling asleep then there are three simple adjustments you can make to prevent this in the future:

  1. Sit up more erect, potentially even sitting all the way up, and then get comfortable in that position and continue the hypnosis. You will feel much more awake and will probably hear the whole recording.. then you can gradually adjust to a position where you enter a trance but don't fall asleep.
  2. Let your hand grip onto something that will keep that arm elevated (e.g., drape the arm over the back of the sofa, hold onto the frame of your headboard, etc). You will be able to relax and enter a trance like this with a little practice, but you won't fall asleep.
  3. Take a pen, pinch it between your thumb and forefinger, then rest it at an angle on top of your leg in such a way that if you drift too far off and your fingers fully relax, you’ll feel the pen drop onto the top of your leg and you’ll be reminded to pick it up again and continue.