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What is the accent of the hypnotist?

All of our albums are written and recorded by Brennan Smith. He has a natural, well spoken, and confident North American accent.

To hear Brennan’s voice for yourself you can try our free hypnosis mp3s - these are full albums and will let you hear exactly what Brennan sounds like and what to expect from all of our albums. You can also play a quick sample on any of our product description pages.

How many tracks do your albums have?

All of our albums are a really simple and consistent format. They all have just one track.

How long are your albums?

The length of our albums does vary, but on average each one is approximately 30 minutes long.

Hypnosis is simple and natural and we believe that you don't need 100s of hours of hypnosis for it to be effective.

You can and will experience the benefits of hypnosis in just 30 minutes a day!

Can I read the script?

Right now we don’t openly publish the full script for every album due to copyright issues, and a need to legally protect our albums. We plan to offer our scripts in the future for both personal use and commercial practice.

Do I need headphones?

Headphones are ideal as they will help to block out other outside sounds, but they are not essential and you can listen to the albums on a stereo system, or even from your computer. The important thing is that you can listen without being disturbed for 30 minutes.

Do I need to speak English?

Yes, all of our albums are only available in English and you need at least a conversational level of English to be able to get benefit from them. If your are unsure then please try our free hypnosis albums and see if you can understand them and whether you enter a hypnosis trance while listening. If you do then you will get results from our albums.