Fear of Heights

Overcome your fear of heights today and live the life you really want to live, free from worry, stress and panic!

Fear of Heights CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from acrophobia (a fear of heights)?
  • Do you start worrying just at the thought of having to be up a height?
  • Perhaps you know you will be going up a tall building or be expected to walk along a cliff-top or high walkway and this is all you think (and worry) about all day?
  • Do you experience exposure to heights on a regular basis and NEED to overcome your fear simply to live a normal life (or perhaps advance in your career)?
  • Is your fear of heights holding you back in life? Is it causing you stress and stopping you from doing the things you really want to do and from getting the most out of life?

If you just lose control of yourself up a tall building looking down, or anywhere near the edge of a cliff, then this hypnosis album has been made specifically for YOU!

Imagine what life would be like if you were free from your fears... if you could look down from tall buildings, talk scenic walks up hills, mountains and beautiful cliff-top scenery.. if you could walk on high ledges, climb ladders, walk over narrow bridges... if you could bungee jump, or even sky dive... imagine how much more life experience, enjoyment and excitement you could gain by being able to do these simple things and new experience alike... all of this is really possible with help from this fear of heights hypnosis download!

Hypnosis is a really powerful, natural way of overcoming any phobia. This is because your phobia exists within your mind. Yes, your phobia is real, but it isn't real in the way that a physical sickness is real for example – you have constructed it with your mind and conditioned yourself to experience fear.

To look at it another way, not everyone suffers from it. You are a minority amongst your friends and family – other people just don't have the same reaction you do when exposed to heights – indeed, some people love walking along a cliff-top, being at the top of a tall building and looking over the city, or experiencing a sky dive or bungee jump. Their mind's work differently to yours, the phobia isn't “real” but it is made real or not by how your mind interprets the experience...

It is because of this, because it is a mental condition you have created yourself that hypnosis can take control and cure it. It is actually very EASY for hypnosis to access your mind and change the conditioning you have associated towards heights, so that you too will think like your friends who aren't afraid, and you too will actually be able to enjoy high places and experiences rather than being scared of them.

This mind penetrating album will:

  • Re-wire the way you think about heights on much deeper level. You will feel differently even the first time after listening. When you next find yourself up high you will feel calmer, and much more in control.
  • Change your natural response when you find yourself in high places: You will gain self control and control over your own reactions. You will find yourself thinking logically and your years of negative conditioning towards heights will begin to dissolve from within.
  • Give you back control over your emotional mind! You will stop getting so emotionally involved in the moment. You will find yourself calmer and much more in control. You will start to think logically instead of locking up and panicking in the moment, and you will simply be able to “deal with” heights like other people do, much more naturally.

Ultimately, this acrophobia hypnosis cd will transform you thinking from negative to positive. Your whole experience of heights will change. You will stop thinking negatively, you will stop worrying, and stop panicking and you too will actually be able to enjoy high places and experiences rather than being scared of them.

What to Expect

This phobia elimination hypnosis session is an interactive experience and immersive experience. You will take a hypnotic journey though your own mind and examine your phobia in a way which just isn't possible without hypnotherapy.

You will feel differently after you finish listening to this cd, even just the first time. You will feel something click into place within your mind and you will know that with a few more sessions you will be able to eliminate your fear forever!

Short Term

You can, and should use this album if you know you are going to have to face your phobia – the day before, or the morning before going up a height. It will change the experience for you, you will be much calmer, feel much safer and you will be in much more control of yourself and your emotions.

Long Term

This album does have a long-term, and lasting effect. Over the course of a couple of weeks you will experience your whole attitude towards heights change. You will actually think like your friends or those people who just aren't scared of heights. Effortlessly, your phobia will dissolve before your eyes you will be able to handle heights, and you will even begin to enjoy the experience!

Download your fear of heights hypnosis mp3 today – eliminate your fear naturally, and live the type of lifestyle you dream about!