Stop Sweating

Stop sweating and start enjoying life without worrying about embarrassing yourself with help from this unique hypnosis session.

Stop Sweating CD Album Cover
  • Do you find that you seem to sweat much more than the average person?
  • Do you find it impossible to get a deodorant that reduces your sweating?
  • Do you often feel embarrassed and annoyed at the amount you sweat?
  • Does your excess sweating seriously affect your confidence and happiness?

Excessive sweating and perspiration can be extremely upsetting and embarrassing if you suffer from it regularly. Often this is triggered by nerves and anxiety, perhaps the summer months make it even worse, but occasionally there seems to be no logical cause for it at all.

If you feel like this, if you feel you have no control over your sweating and it runs your life then hypnosis really could be for you.

This session works to:

  • Change your bodily response - to change the way your body reacts to stress. You won't necessarily just start sweating, this will simply stop being your first response to stress. You will pause, think about the situation and cope with it without excessively sweating.
  • Help you to handle anxiety and stress IF you get stressed. As this is usually the reason why most excess sweat is produced, becoming more calm and tranquil rather than anxious and concerned can reduce most sweat production.
  • To change how much sweat you produce when it is hot weather - again, just because it is hot your body's first response shouldn't just be to sweat profusely - this album will tap into your subconscious mind and change the rate at which you need to perspire.
  • To simply change your body response to stop sweating from being your natural state. Often there is no trigger.. stress and hot weather may make things worse but you can sweat at any and all times - this indicates something going wrong inside your body and mind - this hypnosis session aims to change this - to stop you from sweating for no reason.

Ultimately the goal of this album is to change your internal body responses to stop you from sweating excessively, so that you can move beyond feelings of anxiety, worry and embarrassment and get your life back!

What to Expect

This album will help you to reduce your sweat production or can even allow you to stop sweating altogether. Hypnosis can be successful in this area as sweating excessively is often irrational - you shouldn't need to sweat this much - so hypnosis taps into your subconscious mind, the control center, to change this and stop you from constantly sweating without reason.

Short Term

After listening to this album a few times, you may notice that a positive change within your mind and body is beginning to occur. Your sweating may have already begun to alleviate slightly, but the biggest change you will notice by far will be in your confidence levels and personality. You will begin to feel less nervous and your sweating will no longer seem like such a problem to you - and the less nervous you get the less you will sweat, and the less you sweat the less anxious you will feel.

Long Term

If this album is incorporated into everyday life and allowed to become part of the daily routine, it can have amazing effect. Your sweating will significantly and perhaps stop altogether in unnecessary situations. Your confidence will be at an all-time high and you will no longer suffer from excess nerves the way you used to.

Claim your life back - live free from the embarrassment of constant sweating with help from this life changing hypnosis session.