Asthma Relief

Gain relief from your asthma with the help of hypnosis and start to breathe easily once again.

Asthma Relief CD Album Cover
  • Do you often suffer from coughing, wheezing or tightness of the chest?
  • Do you find that you are often short of breath?
  • Do you have asthma attacks far too often for your liking?
  • Do you get sick of so many different things triggering your asthma?
  • Do you want help to relieve the symptoms of your asthma and help to prevent further attacks?

If you suffer from asthma it can feel like a curse, it can limit you in life, and stop you from leading an active lifestyle.

Symptoms for asthma include wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing often and a feeling of tightness in the chest and often the only treatment offered is an inhaler to use when you suffer an asthma attack (which can lead to a lot of anxiety and worry if you find yourself without your inhaler).

This is how we can help - by providing a natural solution which helps to relieve the symptoms of asthma while helping to prevent you suffering asthma attacks constantly. It penetrates your subconscious, the parts that control all of your bodily functions and gradually programs them to work with no distractions - basically it "teaches" your mind and body to work together in order to relieve and stop future asthma attacks.

Hypnosis can help you relieve the effects and symptoms of your asthma by helping you to:

  • Train yourself to improve your relaxation techniques, remain calm and be able to relax on command. This will help to prevent attacks from occurring as well as relieving the effects slightly when you do suffer an asthma attack as panicking can make it much worse.
  • Contact your unconscious mind to allow you to focus on breathing during an asthma attack. This can help you to relieve breathlessness and breathing techniques can also be key in helping you to relax.
  • Program your mind on a subconscious level to control your airways and the way they react to swelling. Your body will gradually learn how to behave when an attack occurs and how to reduce the effects of the attack - swelling will be reduced to minimum and air will get to the lungs with much less effort.
  • Gain a positive mindset when thinking about your asthma. Negatively focusing on your asthma may work as a trigger and make the attacks even worse than they'd normally be. With positive mindset you will feel more relaxed about it, to think about it rationally, without panicking, even during the attacks.
  • Focus you on identifying triggers for your asthma and helping you to become much more averted to these. This can include dust, pets and smoke - you will start to know yourself much better and start to really take control (and lessen) your asthma.

Disclaimer: This album is NOT a substitute for medical attention. Our hypnosis sessions are tools you can use to work with the advice of your doctor, not instead of it.

What to Expect

Listening to the album is a relaxing journey that will put you in control of your asthma, after which you will probably recall everything that was said to you and awaken feeling positive and energized.

Short Term

After the first few sessions you will start feeling less hostile about your asthma. You will feel more clear in mind, more relaxed about it and you will generally think about it less. If an attack occurs you will be better equipped to deal with it and you will notice that it wasn't as disturbing as it used to be.

Long Term

When this album is incorporated into your daily life and listened to consistently, it can have surprising results and allow you to change the effects of your asthma forever. Your asthma attacks will become less frequent and less intense. You will learn to take control of the attacks, to visualize them and to actually experience relief from them.

Download the Natural Hypnosis Asthma Relief audio today and discover how much your asthma and general respiratory health can improve in a relatively short period of time!