Natural Healing

Use hypnosis to increase the natural ability of your body to heal itself and to stay healthy all the time.

Natural Healing CD Album Cover
  • Do you think that your immune system is weak?
  • Do you ever feel as though your healing takes longer than other people’s, or that you get ill more often than others?
  • Do you fear that your health is at risk?
  • Do you want to strengthen your immune system and to focus your body to heal itself?

It’s a well-known fact that our body possesses the ability to heal - some of our cells are specifically designed to fight infections and to speed up the healing process. What regulates these cells is our subconscious: our healing is thought to be automatic, that we can’t influence it.

Only, we can! Our subconscious can be programmed to be more focused on healing and boosting our immune system and to pay attention to it much more than it now does. You know that some people naturally heal faster than others - it’s precisely because their subconscious is set to work a bit differently.

Hypnosis is an effective way of contacting your subconscious and practically letting it know and training it to focus more of its efforts to this natural healing process in your body. In a relaxed state of mind you will receive suggestions designed to change the patterns in your subconscious that will make it more oriented towards effectively managing these processes. It will still be an automated process - your subconscious will only receive the direction in which it needs to improve, and it will take care of the rest.

Hypnotherapy will increase your natural healing by:

  • Retraining your mind to focus on healing and dedicating your thoughts to this on a daily basis. The more you train your mind to focus on healing, the faster the change will happen. As your subconscious starts giving more attention to the healing processes, natural healing will be something that it does effortlessly...
  • Making you more positive about your healing. You will be able to notice the changes on your body and to see the effects of this increased activity of your subconscious. Celebrating each healing goal will strengthen your motivation and focus on healing even further...
  • Making you more relaxed about your health. The tension that you have right now will disappear as you will feel confident about your body’s ability to be healthy again. You will be much calmer and happier as you will stop worrying about your health.
  • Strengthening your immune system in the long run. This reprogramming that you’ll receive through hypnosis will continue to work for you even when the current reason for healing is fixed. Your mind will stay focused on keeping your immune system strong - you will have a natural defense mechanism in place, keeping you safe and carefree.
  • Finally, hypnosis will eliminate any negativity about healing from your mind and help you to replace it with much more positive thoughts. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll be able to use this positive thinking and increased determination in healing.

Disclaimer: This album is NOT a substitute for medical attention. Our hypnosis sessions are tools you can use to work with the advice of your doctor, not instead of it.

What to Expect

The voice of our hypnotherapist will put you in a state of very deep relaxation and use the vivid imagery to identify the issues in your subconscious mind that need to be resolved in order for you to heal faster. Once the issues are identified, the suggestions will allow you to change them for more positive patterns which will help aid your healing much faster.

Short Term

Please suspend your disbelief when starting out with this album, people are often surprised as to how quickly it can have an effect. After the first few sessions you will notice that you’re more energized, that you have more strength in your body and that you’re a lot more positive about the outcome of your healing.

Long Term

As this album becomes an intrinsic part of your daily routine, you will find that your determination and willpower to heal are much stronger and your focus cannot possibly be broken. You will notice that your healing is going faster and that you’re feeling positive about it all the time.

Download this hypnosis session today and start to allow your body to reach its full healing potential and to repair itself, naturally!