Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Get relief from your irritable bowel syndrome and start to live your life without constant worry and discomfort with help from this hypnosis cd.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome?
  • Do you get sick of constant stomach cramps and a painful abdomen?
  • Do you have an extremely sensitive intestine and find that certain foods will irritate it very easily?
  • Do you often suffer from bouts of diarrhea or constipation?
  • Do you want to overcome your IBS with a more natural method?

Irritable bowel syndrome if untreated can ruin your life at times, causing grief and embarrassment to sufferers, discomfort and constant worry.

IBS can be triggered by stresses, but also made worse be them - so you are going through a rough time in life and your IBS is heightened, you suffer IBS, and this causes even more stress, anxiety, pain and discomfort, worry about being able to control it or being caught out embarrassed, and this then triggers even more IBS symptoms.

It is a vicious, never ending cycle...

The Primary Solution

Actually, no, it doesn't have to be never ending - our solution is natural, and passive, and doesn't involve further drugs and toxins entering your body. Hypnosis can be extremely effective at treating IBS as it breaks the cycle of stress to IBS and back again.

This session will primarily work to help you to relax, stop worrying, and d-stress. This might sound simple (and it almost is - except it's not "just" a relaxation album - it contains specific hypnotic commands for relaxation and stress relief specifically tied to your IBS) but the improvement this can make in your life might just amaze you as you start to suffer less intense, less painful, and less frequent bouts of IBS.

Secondary Benefits

However relaxation and letting your worries and IBS slip away are not the only function of this album, there are other hypnotic commands which will help in other ways too, you will:

  • Become more aware of and start to identify foods that set off your IBS more easily by becoming much more aware of your diet. When this is achieved, you will instantly become much more averted to these foods as they cause you so much hassle.
  • Retrain your mind to remain calm during periods where you are suffering from diarrhoea and constipation. This will allow you to relieve the symptoms as quickly as possible as stress and panic will only make it worse.
  • Contact your unconscious mind to target pain receptors, especially in the abdominal area. This will decrease your perception of the pain so it will dampen down and leave you feeling a little more comfortable - you gain a remote control to turn down your pain levels!
  • Stay positive regarding your irritable bowel syndrome and help you to stop associating it with so many negative thoughts. This will help you just accept it on one level instead of worrying about it will only make you feel stressed and make your symptoms worse.

Disclaimer: This album is NOT a substitute for medical attention. Our hypnosis sessions are tools you can use to work with the advice of your doctor, not instead of it.

What to Expect

Hypnosis can help you to overcome your irritable bowel syndrome by changing the way you think and act so you are able to manage your condition in a much more healthy way. It works by putting you into a deep state of relaxation and letting your stress and IBS slip away. The experience is very pleasant - you may even fall asleep during the session and wake up feeling deeply relaxed and positive about your condition.

Short Term

Early results of this album may surprise you as you can find that the hypnosis can begin to take significant effects even after listening for only a few times. You will find relief from your IBS as well as becoming more aware of IBS sensitive foods and gaining the ability to remain much calmer even in very strong IBS episodes.

Long Term

When you begin to make this album part of your daily life you will soon see how much your irritable bowel syndrome is improving. The pain and discomfort you experience will be lessened and you will be extremely relaxed and tranquil when it does occasionally occur. You will also learn to avoid foods that trigger your IBS and will be more positive about your condition than ever before.

Download this session today and amaze yourself as you start to suffer less intense, less painful, and less frequent bouts of IBS!