Boost Immune System

Boost your immune system, raise your resistance to flu and colds, and increase your recovery rate from illnesses and diseases with help from this revolutionary hypnosis download!

Boost Immune System CD Album Cover
  • Do you have a weak immune system?
  • Do you catch every illnesses going around?
  • Do you want to boost your defences to colds, flu, and diseases (permanently)?
  • Are you already ill and want to speed up your recovery rate?

If you seriously want to strengthen your immune system, or recover faster without taking more prescription medication then hypnosis really can help you.

It should never be used instead of the advice of a doctor, but hypnosis can work amazingly well alongside your existing treatment plan.

It can enhance your mindset, clear your head, help your body to start functioning more efficiently again and generally make you feel refreshed, revitalized and give you a “breath of fresh air” from your symptoms and speed up your recovery.

This is just the start however, over the longer term, hypnosis can also boost your immune system and increase your resistances to catching colds and illnesses. This sounds too good to be true, but really it is much simpler than it sounds.

Hypnosis works to naturally improve your bodily functions, that you are free from blockages, stresses, tension, and generally to make sure that your body is running like clockwork, naturally and efficiently. When you are relaxed, and your body is working efficiently and consistently then you are much more resistant to illnesses, and hypnosis is a simple way for you to keep your health and help prevent against ill health.

This album works in 2 main ways:

  1. To help you to recover faster. If you are currently ill, you can listen to this album and experience an improvement in your symptoms. It will help you to relax, clear your head, and soothe your body and your aching muscles, revitalize you and give you mental and physical boost.
  2. To boost your immune system so that you become more resistant against getting ill in the future. Hypnosis gains access to your subconscious mind which is responsible for your bodily responses such as your heart-rate, your breathing, and of course, your immune system too. This powerful hypnosis cd will guide you to take control of your immune system and make sure you are operating at maximum efficiency and become more resistant to illness for the long term!

Disclaimer: This album does NOT cure serious illnesses, and should never be used instead of consulting with a doctor. It is a simple solution which will give you relief, give you a helping hand towards recovering, and strengthen your immune system naturally for the future.

What to Expect

This album is a relaxing and soothing experience. It will relax you in both mind and body as you listen to the subtle hypnotic commands and start to journey through your mind and body where you will be guided to take control of your subconscious mind and enhance your immune system and natural bodily defences.

This album has positive short benefits that you will experience straight away and long term effects will last forever!

Short Term

In the short term this album will aid your recovery. You will feel much more clear in mind, and you will feel relief from your symptoms after you finish listening.

If you are suffering from flu or a cold, then after your session you will feel a “second wind”; refreshed and clear in your head and body and ready to take on the day again. This album will help to keep you active and fighting fit throughout your cold.

Long Term

Over the longer term this hypnosis mp3 will boost your immune system and have a lasting, positive impact upon your health. You will become more resistant to catching colds and flu, you will get ill less often, and when you do get sick you will recover faster.

Download your copy this immune system boosting hypnosis cd today and build your natural bodily defenses through the natural power of hypnotherapy!