Pickup Artist Mindset

Acquire the mindset, beliefs, patterns of thinking and even the behavior of a pickup artist – transform your mindset from deep inside to actually become a pick artist!

Pickup Artist Mindset CD Album Cover
  • Do you really want to become a pickup artist?
  • Do you experience nerves, worry, anxiety, fear or hesitation when you are approaching or talking to women?
  • Are you sick of not dating the type of women you really want? Are you frustrated as you know you are capable of more, and deserve to date beautiful women?
  • Do you want to transform your life and live a lifestyle of abundance with women that most men wouldn't even believe possible?

If you want to improve your pickup skills and have more success with women then it sounds simple in your head, when you're sat at home... but when you go out to meet women it can seem a lot more daunting, sometimes impossible, and you can be a lot more negative.

Pickup isn't easy, and it can be a long road, but this world unique hypnosis session has been designed to shave years off your learning curve, to eliminate your anxiety, doubts and negativity at the source (deep within your subconscious mind) to help make your “in-field” session easier, speed up your learning curve, and help you to see more success with women.. sooner!

Some people seem to be natural at pickup and successful with women, or they show no fear and no shame and learn quickly. They are not unique, they are not special, they are not gifted – the only difference between these people and you is in their mindset. They have specific ways of thinking, positive self beliefs, a burning desire to succeed and little worry about social embarrassment.

You too can improve your pickup skills, you too can start to think like this – this is exactly how this unique pickup artist mindset hypnosis cd works – to give you the mindset of a pickup artist! It will instil within you these exact same self beliefs and patterns of thinking.. and once you start thinking like this then you too will start improving at a faster rate and seeing much more success with women!

This album will help by:

  • Ensuring that you to truly believe 100% that you can attract beautiful women, that you do deserve them, and that you will have choice with beautiful women – that you really can become a pickup artist.
  • Strengthening your mind to give you confidence and self belief, to reduce the anxiety you feel, to give you a rock solid, positive mindset focused on success and free from doubt, worry and self sabotage.
  • Focusing your mind on becoming a pickup artist. This session will remove self doubts and self sabotaging thoughts... you might want to become a pickup artist right now... but deep down, do you truly believe it is really possible? With help from this hypnosis session you will, you will be super focused, super motivated, you will have a burning desire to succeed and nothing will hold you back.
  • Helping you to push past anxiety, social pressure, perceived embarrassment and fear. This is essential for becoming a successful pickup artist and seeing better results with women; you need to push through your fears, push yourself into new situations so that you can grow, and take “social risks” which other men wouldn't even dream of. Once you are free from social inhibitions then you will see your skills improve faster than ever!

Ultimately this powerful hypnosis session will instil within you the mental state and qualities which differentiate the people who find success in pickup from those who fail, or just never progress. If you are serious about your journey, if you really do want to transform yourself to have choice and even an abundance of women then our pickup mindset hypnosis mp3s will give you a much greater chance of success!

What to Expect

Listening to this album can be a deep experience, but you will be in a state of focused relaxation. Brennan, your hypnotherapist, will guide you on a journey through your own mind to examine and rewire your inner most beliefs about yourself, about meeting women and about improving yourself. You will finish the session feeling focused, refreshed and energized.

Short Term

Even from the very first session with this album, you will see results. You will finish feeling motivated, energized, and ready to go. You will be positively focused more than ever and raring to go out and meet some new women!

Long Term

Over the long term this album really takes it's effect. Over time, it will naturally rewire the way you see yourself and the way you think and even act! You will take on the characteristics and personality traits of a successful pickup artist and simply start to live this lifestyle naturally.

Download your pickup artist mindset hypnosis cd today and transform your mindset from the inside-out to live a life of abundance with women like you know you are capable of at your best!