Become a Natural

Become a natural – become the type of man who gets the girl without need to use pickup lines, patterns, or routines. Develop a natural style and pickup women.. naturally!

Become a Natural CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to approach and pickup women without all the rehearsed pickup lines, stories and routines?
  • Do you want to take the natural route – simply approaching women and talking to them normally, and naturally?
  • Would you like to be “direct” rather than “indirect” - just to be able to approach a woman and tell her she is beautiful and then transition into a natural conversation?
  • Do you try and adopt a natural style, but struggle with what to say, with your inner confidence, with your inner belief that you can just be yourself, talk and attract women?

The “natural route” is often seen as longer and harder.. if you are reading this page and learning about picking up women then you are here probably because you aren't very natural – it can seem easier to learn “openers” and routines to keep the conversation going, to raise buying temperature, to gain comfort etc etc...

However, as you start to try it, you soon see that it is harder than it sounds – there are emotions, nerves and worries at play, no two interactions are the same, the same routines might work differently on two different girls (without even considering the consistency and skill of their delivery), and to have a real relationship or even just a shorter fling, there are often hours and hours or days and days in between opening and “closing”... it takes more than just routines...

This is without mentioning the long term negatives of routines – such that you depend on them, you don't gain flexible skills, you aren't just happy and social and ready to deal with anything, you are limited and often inside your head with your routines, thinking of the next one – not living in the moment reacting to the live conversation and social scene in-front of you.

Obviously there are benefits to learning a natural style – to simply gaining confidence, approach experience, practicing your conversation skills, toning your body language and eye contact and just being able to act in the moment approach any girl without thinking of a line, without hesitation and even being able to “go direct” and tell a woman you find her attractive!

If you are serious about your long term success with women and developing your own natural style then this hypnosis album will hemp you to approach, talk to, and pickup women without all of the thinking, stress, memorising stories and routines.. you will simply be yourself, grow your confidence from within and become more and more natural.

Here is how this natural hypnosis session will help:

  • You will gain a focus and passion for the natural route. You will see the benefits of it, you will become passionate to pursue a natural style, you will still break things down and analyse and you will take a serious but optimistic, positive and analytic approach to your natural style progression. You will approach and just be yourself. You will be focused on living in the moment, letting the conversation flow and just speaking from the heart about whatever comes into your mind and before long all of your interactions will benefit for it and you will see much stronger results.
  • Lose your social inhibitions and gain confidence. It can seem scarier to “be natural”. Going indirect is like a shield, if you get rejected you can say “it was just the routine”. However, with a natural style you really are putting yourself out there – the real you, you are showing yourself off and it can feel like you are open to criticism, embarrassment and rejection. This mindset will become a thing of the past as you start to lose your social inhibitions, gain self confidence, increase in self worth and you will simply start to actually enjoy putting yourself out there, developing your true self and having real, fluid interactions.
  • Focus on your outward physical signals. You will leave routines and memorized lines behind but you will focus more on your body language; on showing a natural, confident self assured smile, on making strong, dominant eye contact, on projecting positive and confident body language. Pickup will become more about projecting the right body signals and energy than what you say in the end – it will become much more natural and actually much easier!
  • You will start to value yourself higher and higher. You will simply know that you are capable of great things, that women do find you attractive and that you can approach, talk to and date beautiful women. When you have success with a routine, although you are happy, you can still think in the back of your mind “it was just the routine, not really me”. When you have success just being yourself and adopting a natural, confident style then your confidence and self belief and sense of self worth just go through the roof – your pickup skills take off on their own and you will never look back!

What to Expect

This session is a very pleasant and empowering journey through your own mind. You will examine yourself in a positive light, you will think about all of your positive qualities more than you ever have before and you will finish with a sense of positivity – that you really can become a natural, that you really can do this if you set your mind to it and really want it!

Short Term

You will see benefits from this album instantly – you will see increased confidence and positivity. You will feel like you are more capable than ever before and rather than being nervous, shy, or worried to just try things naturally, you will be excited to get started, to make more natural approaches and develop your own natural style and skill-set.

Long Term

Over the long term your enthusiasm and passion and positivity will turn into normality – it will simply be normal to go out, approach, meet and talk to women more naturally – to say whatever is in your head, to be direct and open and just talk in the moment. You will grow in confidence and self belief more than you ever thought possible and you will develop a skill which will last for life!

If you are really serious about your long term success with women and own personal development then download this world unique hypnosis session today and take your own natural journey!