Fast Seduction

Develop the mindset of a seduction artist. Develop the inner confidence, and patterns of thinking shared by all great, natural seduction artists and naturally start to seduce the types of women you really want to be with!

Fast Seduction CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to improve your seduction skills?
  • Do you want the confidence to run your seduction patterns, and sound natural and congruent?
  • Do you want more choice with women? To be able to meet, date and seduce the kind of beautiful women you really want to be with?
  • Do you want to be seen as naturally attractive, confident and seductive, and experience much greater success with women?

Learning “seduction” sounds great at first; learning a set of seduction routines and nlp based language to connect with women on a deeper level and seduce them.. but in reality when you ty it, at first it can be awkward, false, and incongruent with who you are.

Seduction isn't instant, it is a skill-set you have to learn over time and improve gradually – and it can unfortunately be a long process.. However, this hypnosis session has been designed to compliment your seduction skills journey and help you to advance at a faster rate and come across as much more congruent and much more natural, and of course see more real success with women, sooner!

Some people naturally pickup seduction – they advance quickly, they learn routines and start to see more success with women. There is nothing special about these people, in-fact the only thing that differs between them and you is some key elements of their mindset and inner beliefs. They gave specific patterns of thinking, a real desire to succeed and get good, and a drive to master seduction. This pushes these people to approach more, to push their skill-set, to be daring, to go through social embarrassment without care, to practice harder, and ultimately to advance at a faster rate, succeed and see real results with women...

Imagine if you had this type of mindset – imagine how much faster you could advance! Well, this can be a reality – this is exactly how our fast seduction hypnosis cd works - to give you the mindset required to improve your seduction skills and see success! It will instil within you these exact same self beliefs and patterns of thinking.. and once you start thinking like these successful people then you too will start improving at a faster rate and seeing much more success with women!

This album works in 3 main ways:

  1. To give you the right MINDSET to see success with seduction patterns and routines. This isn't instant, but the people who truly become successful are those who push through the awkwardness, who practice with passion and push things as far as they can, who make approaches constantly, and who don't care about the social pressure – they treat it like a game and just see every set as a chance to learn their new seduction skill-set. With this mindset it is easy to see why they are successful – but this is exactly how this hypnosis session works, to give you this mindset too, to instil it deep within your subconscious mind so it really becomes part of you and so that you will progress much faster, much easier and more naturally and see real seduction success!
  2. To give you confidence, belief and congruence when you are saying your seduction routines. This is a real stumbling block; you know your patterns, but when you come to really try them out they just don't work, they don't sound real, they don't come across confidently, and they don't capture the girl's imagination. This hypnosis session will help you so much because it instills confidence within you, belief in yourself, belief in your seduction patterns and that they will work, and when you really start thinking like this your patterns will come across much more congruently, they work better and you make much more progress much faster too!
  3. To make sure you are subconsciously focused on physical seduction elements such as body language, confidence projection, dominance, assertiveness, and eye contact. These are your outer seduction signals and they are as important as the language you use. Once you have these elements in check then all of your seduction efforts will be more successful, you will see better results, and you will progress at a faster rate too.

When these elements of the right mindset, having confidence and congruence, and the right outer seduction signals all come together you will have women captivated by you and hanging on your every word, your seduction skills will improve dramatically, and you will see real choice and success with beautiful women.

What to Expect

This album is an energizing and empowering experience, you will be guided hypnotically through your own mind, you will examine your own beliefs and come out stronger, more positive, and full of self belief. You can listen as a newcomer to hypnosis, or a veteran alike, you will experience positive effects.

Short Term

The first thing you will notice after listening to this session will be an increase in positivity and a growing desire and drive to succeed. This will push you to approach and you will develop the “it's just a game, just a learning experience” mindset – you will push through awkwardness without feeling it half as much and you will start to improve faster and faster.

Long Term

Over a longer period you will see your results grow and grow. Things will just seem more natural to you, approaching, opening, and running your patterns – it will all seem natural, you will sound congruent and it all will become just a regular part of your life, you will become a fast seduction expert!

Improve your seduction skills and advance at a faster rate to see real success with the kind of beautiful, high quality women you really want to be with and know you deserve!