Become The Alpha Male

Become the alpha male with help from this unique hypnosis session – become the sort of man who women are naturally attracted to, who has abundance and choice, and always gets the girl!

Become The Alpha Male CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to become the alpha male, live the lifestyle you really want to live?
  • Do you struggle socially, struggle to assert yourself, voice your opinion, and get taken seriously?
  • Are you tired of being walked over, of taking a “back seat” of getting overlooked.. especially by women?
  • Do you wish you were confident socially, dominant, assertive, in control, and seen as a leader?
  • Do you want to develop the type of personality which women are naturally attracted to so that you have real choice and an abundance of women?

This hypnosis session is unique in the world – it has been designed to instil within you the mindset of an alpha male, to help you to acquire some key characteristics which will help you in all areas of your life, and especially in your relationships and in sparking natural attraction with the women you meet.

The alpha male is the dominant leader of the group. Other people look up to him, give him respect, look to him to lead and he claims the authority position in work and society. He takes what he wants, he doesn't hesitate, he is outgoing and confident and he has real options with women, real choice, high standards, and an abundance of new women in his life who are naturally attracted to him.

Life is easy for the alpha male, he gets what he wants and he is the king of the jungle, at the top of the food chain in many different ways and all areas of his life.

The alpha male mindset is not something you are either born with or without, you can acquire it – you too can become the alpha male and live this lifestyle too!

The only difference between yourself and these alpha males is in the way they think and act – this hypnosis session penetrates deep into your subconscious mind to blow away your negative self beliefs, self doubts and self sabotaging thoughts and actions, and to transform the way you think, to give you these exact same alpha male patterns of thinking and character traits.

Once you start thinking differently then you start acting differently, and you will actually become the alpha male.

This album works in several ways to instil within you the mindset of the alpha male – so that you too become more dominant, assertive, leading, and importantly that you get more success with women because you hold these alpha male characteristics and are naturally attractive:

  • To instil core confidence within you. You will believe in yourself, you will have confidence in yourself which goes beyond ego – you will grow natural, healthy self esteem. Real alpha males love themselves, they are self confident and assured – they know they are the alpha male! With help from this session, you will too – this simple level of self confidence and positivity is just the beginning, and as you continue to listen you will naturally transform into a real alpha male.
  • To make you more dominant and assertive. You will speak your mind, you will voice your opinion and you will never take a back seat. You will be at the forefront of discussions and people will start to respect you, value your input and ask you for your opinion and advice. This is a powerful character trait and you will have people in general looking up to you and following your lead as well as finding women more and more naturally attracted to you.
  • You will act to take what you want. The alpha male doesn't hesitate, he acts, he stands up and takes what he wants and he doesn't stop till he gets it. With help from this powerful session you will too – you will act and take the women you want, and because of your dominance, positive self attitude and unstoppable confidence they will respond positively.
  • To ignite your leadership potential. The alpha male is a natural leader, the two go hand in hand, and this hypnosis session will penetrate into your subconscious mind to enhance your leadership skills naturally. You will start to take control and lead social situations and conversations., and in no time at all you will turn into a natural leader.
  • To make you much more natural with women. The alpha male meets women day and night and talks fluidly and naturally and has women attracted to him – you will too, this will just be a normal part of your lifestyle. You will easily start conversations with women, anywhere, anytime – meeting women, flirting, and dating will just be a normal part of your life and come naturally to you.

Ultimately, because of all of these character traits, you will naturally become more attractive to women, you will find that attraction from women comes much more naturally, and you will have much more success with women. Women are drawn to the alpha male and they will be drawn to you – you will have more choice with women, you will attract and date more beautiful women, because of this you will naturally attract an abundance of beautiful women into your social circle!

What to Expect

This isn't just a case of faking it till you make it – this album will stimulate real changes within your mind. You will change the way you think, the way you see yourself and the way you act in all areas of your life – you actually will naturally transform into the alpha male, it won't be just pretending, and it won't be temporary – it will be a natural process and steady transformation – so please don't take this album lightly, only listen to this session if you are 100% serious about changing yourself on a deeper level!

Short Term

With this session you will experience results over the short term, which will build and build over time and as you continue to listen. The first thing you will notice will be an increase in your confidence and outward state and you will notice yourself standing up for yourself and voicing your opinion more and more.

Long Term

As you continue to listen over the space of 1-3 weeks time you will really notice the changes and benefits growing. You will really start to acquire the alpha male mindset and you will see the results and benefits in all areas of your professional and social life – and especially in the reactions of women towards you, you will see much more natural attraction and have much more success with women.

Change your life today! Acquire the alpha male mindset and become the guy who always gets the girl, leads the group and always has choice with women and in life!