Inner Game

Develop rock solid, deep inner game. Acquire a set of beliefs which will help you to approach, and date beautiful women like it was the most normal thing in the word... with help from hypnosis to give you solid inner game it really will be!

Inner Game CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle with your inner game when approaching talking to and meeting new women?
  • Do you feel anxiety and nerves, and is your mind in overdrive, worrying and panicking, and thinking negatively when you are chatting to a new woman?
  • Do you have negative beliefs and self doubts concerning approaching, attracting, or dating women – do you ever feel that you aren't good enough or that you can't get with really attractive women? Is your lack of basic inner game and self belief holding you back in life and limiting you from getting with the women you really want to be with?
  • If you lack inner game then when you are meeting women, trying to improve your outer game then it is like trying to build a house without solid foundations. You may build a little, but your efforts come crashing down – you fall back to your limiting beliefs and start again each time.

You NEED to sort out your inner game, how you see yourself and how you think about women first. If you do then your outer game and progression will really take off. You efforts will stack onto your foundation of self confidence, inner game and self belief and you will get stronger and stronger, more consistent and better and better with women.

Inner game is ESSENTIAL – it is the key and the foundation to which REAL success with women is built upon... but, it can be difficult to enhance, difficult to really take control of.. it is “inner game”, which means it is inside your mind, it is not just the case of memorising a pick up line, it is a case of changing your self beliefs on a deeper level deep within your subconscious mind.

This is exactly how this hypnosis session can help!

Hypnosis does exactly this, it penetrates into the subconscious mind like other physical training just can't. It will manipulate and eliminate your negative beliefs, and rebuild them for the better – it will fill you with positivity, with positive self beliefs and an unstoppable confident and outgoing attitude so that you will build a rock solid deep inner game foundation and will start to improve at a much faster rate and see much more success with women. Here is how this album will help, it will:

  • Re-wire your mind so that you will KNOW that you DESERVE beautiful women. Once you really feel and know that you deserve beautiful women then so much changes; you stop worrying, you stop thinking negatively, you lose your approach anxiety and you gain so much confidence, dominance and positive attitude. This one change alone will bring so many benefits and propel you towards real, lasting and effortless success with women.
  • Make you positive at all times. You will be thinking of the positive outcomes, the positive reactions and the positive experiences you approach could lead to rather than the negative outcomes or painful experiences. You will be positive and optimistic throughout conversations with women, always smiling, and even when things aren't going your way – your rock solid inner game will make you look at the learning experience – you will be able to analyze without getting negative, and you will be able to keep approaching and keep talking where other people get negative (and stop advancing).
  • Give you lasting confidence and natural self belief! You will be super confident of yourself. You will believe in yourself, believe that women will find you attractive, believe that you can talk to women and that things will go well. Your confidence will shine through, and because of this women will find you attractive and your confidence will become a self fulfilling prophecy which really will make things easier and more natural with women.

What to Expect

This album really is a key session with regards to increasing your confidence with women and your success rate. Without inner game all your outer game progress will be built on sand – but with rock solid inner game, (which really is possible with thanks to this session) then your progression will be faster than ever, you will experience lasting changes, and much more success with women!

Short Term

We recommend listening to this session just before you go out to meet women, or go on a date. The changes will be fresh in your mind and you will feel positive, energized, and self confident to a much higher level. You will be comfortable in your own skin and excited about the possibilities ahead of you. You will come across as confident and natural and happy and you will have much better interactions because of it – you will see instant result with this album if you use it and then go out to approach and meet women.

Long Term

Over the longer term you will experience the changes simply becoming part of who you are. You really will acquire real, solid, lasting inner game. You will be calm, and confident, and natural with women. You will take your time, be relaxed in the interaction, you will enjoy talking to and meeting women. Overall you will see your skill-set increase faster than ever for having this solid inner game foundation and you will have much more success with much higher quality women!

If you really value yourself and are really serious about improving your confidence with women and having the success with women you deserve, then download your inner game hypnosis cd today and set a solid, essential foundation for success!