Stop Procrastination: a Journey of Self-Discovery - Intro Post

Everybody procrastinates. So right off the bat we want to give you permission to be perfectly normal – a procrastinator, like everyone else. It happens, occasionally, and then you get back in the game and take care of business.

Or don’t you?

A smaller percentage of people, many of them who are drawn to information like you’re reading now, are truly getting in their own way... consistently, and in ways that really mess with their mojo.

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If you’re here reading this and you know that:

  • a) there’s something more urgent or important you “should” be doing right now
  • b) you do this all the time, and
  • c) if you don’t stop it might mess up the future you most want to enjoy living, then let’s talk.

In my book, The Art of Inspired Action: an action-packed guide to launching your entrepreneurial dreams, I outline the four kinds of procrastinators. A quick review here will give you some understanding of the best plan that will work for you to stop procrastination, with hypnosis or otherwise.

Procrastinator Type 1: The Perfectionist.

Here are some questions you want to ask yourself to see if this is you.

  1. Do you spend time on tiny details, even when you know they’re not important?
  2. Do you love the excitement of starting new projects, but don’t seem to finish?
  3. Do you find yourself pondering a lot of “what ifs” before starting something?

Watch Brennan speak about: Perfectionism and Procrastination HERE.

Procrastinator Type 2: The Self-Esteem Challenged.

Let’s ask some more questions, to see if this one shows up for you (too).

  1. Do you procrastinate by doing group activities and/or people-centered stuff?
  2. Do you do things the way you think others want them done, to get their approval?
  3. Are you much better at giving (compliments, gifts, help) than receiving?

Watch Brennan talk about procrastination and the Lack of Self Esteem HERE.

Procrastinator Type 3: The Fear of Success.

Let’s dig down on this one using questions again, in case this is you.

  1. Do you avoid keeping track of important things (like your money or time)?
  2. Do you think of yourself as a dreamer?
  3. If money starts to come in, do you find reasons to spend it immediately?

Watch Brennan tackle the question of how Fear of Success leads to procrastination HERE.

Procrastinator Type 4: The Self-Saboteur.

All forms of procrastination are self-sabotage, without doubt. It’s you getting in the way of you.This last series of questions helps us focus on whether your reason for procrastinating is pure sabotage, without the other beliefs or challenges listed above.

  1. Are you frequently late for appointments, or completely forget they were scheduled?
  2. Do you get quickly angry when a cop or co-worker tries to show authority over you?
  3. Do people often “not get you” because “you’re different,” but you’re cool with it?

Finally, see Brennan discuss how and why The Self-Saboteur procastrinates, HERE.

Using your answers from the four sets of questions above, do you feel that you land really strongly in one category... or maybe two?

Does the category itself give you some hints that might lead you to understand the bigger picture of why you’ve been procrastinating? Whether you’re using hypnosis to stop procrastinating or just trying to use will power, knowing the primary reasons you’ve been getting in your own way empowers your ability to observe your actions (and lack of action) differently.

We’ll talk more about each of these procrastination types, and what you can do to overcome each one, in separate posts. We will also discuss tests you can take to see which category of procastrinator you fall into, and how to end procastrination for good.

If you’re courageous enough to ask us questions in the comments space, you can bet that your question will help someone else – it’s a nice gift to give, and we’re happy to answer questions here.

No matter what, know this: thousands have come before you, tried to get in their own way, and learned what they needed to learn in order to rise up and become who they knew they were born to be... so we know you can too.

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It’s a journey. We’re here with you, one step at a time as you go.