Procrastination Elimination

Let us do the work for you and change the way your subconscious mind works from the inside out; so that your tendency to procrastinate is eliminated permanently and you jump onto new, difficult and even boring tasks alike naturally – with passion and an unstoppable attitude!

This collection is the world's most in depth hypnosis sessions for eliminating procrastination, however, to quickly see if it is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, and especially if you find that you do really want to change and stop procrastinating... yet you don't even understand your emotions, logic and inner workings.. i.e. you don't understand WHY you procrastinate...

... then this “Procrastination Elimination System” is especially for you!

Procrastination is Subconscious

You don't fully understand why you have such a problem with procrastination.. you can clearly see that logically, starting a project early is a good idea – that you will do a better job and you will have less stress...

... but procrastination isn't about “logic” especially if you can't fully explain why you do it.

It is a subconscious issue – there are issues within your mind which dictate your behaviour which you are not even aware of, and this is why procrastination can be so difficult to truly overcome.. with conscious development methods and tools alone...

This is why hypnosis is so effective – it is not a conscious or even a “logical” tool. It bypasses your conscious, rational mind and speaks directly to your subconscious mind. It goes to the source without you needing to understand your procrastination issues on a conscious or a logical level.

All you need to know is that our hypnosis sessions penetrate deep into your mind to re-program the way your mind works on a core level, to help you to:

We will come back to this and explain how it works further down this page, but first we need to make clear that this isn’t a passive experience. It is a deeper and more comprehensive experience...

A Complete System for Eliminating Procrastination

This is a deeper experience; a complete system for the subconscious mind. It will take you from procrastinator to natural action taker.

However, be warned: it isn't a half commitment, it is only for those serious about creating deep and lasting changes.

It isn’t just a short 25 minute hypnosis session, but a series of 6 deeper hypnosis sessions with a total listening time of 2 hours and 54 minutes! You will listen daily, just one session per day for 6 days, and you will experience a much more in-depth change which isn't possible with just one session by itself.

We wanted to build a more comprehensive set of hypnosis sessions for procrastination for some time now. In Brennan's private hypnosis practice in Beverly Hills he became known as a “Procrastination Specialist”. This is his main focus within hypnotherapy – helping people to shatter their procrastination tendencies and become super motivated, ambitious, focused and active.

This “system” is Brennan's creation and passion, and into it comes over a decade of experience treating 100s of people for issues such as procrastination, motivation, lack of self belief and confidence. All of this expertise and knowledge of how hypnosis can help these issues has been packed into this series, a comprehensive collection which is unique in the world and deeply intimate.

This isn't just a passive experience. It is a real commitment, it is a deep experience which will penetrate into the depths of your subconscious mind and shape your thoughts in a way which eliminates your procrastination forever and truly empowers you to just get things done, take action naturally and become productive and successful in all areas of your life.

Ultimately, just as now you don't know why you procrastinate, although you want to change but can't seem to with conscious willpower alone (even though you always tell yourself next time will be different), after using these sessions you simply won't know why you don't procrastinate, you won't know why or how you just get things done... you will simply be more productive and free from procrastination.

The Killer of Dreams

Procrastination really is the killer of dreams. You are capable of so much, if you really put your full effort and attention into everything you do then nothing is impossible. You probably already know this – you know that you are capable of much more.

But procrastination stops you dead in your tracks, it stops you from acting and stops you from fulfilling your true potential.

This doesn't have to be the case. Just imagine if you were action orientated.. if things were the other way round for you – that you simply took action and productively worked through your tasks no matter what.. imagine if it wasn't an effort for you, but simply getting things done was part of who you naturally are and how you live your life.

This really is possible, and this is how these hypnosis sessions will help.

How These Procrastination Elimination Sessions Will Help

Procrastination is so elusive.. you think you have control of it, but one lazy day and you are back to square one; putting things off and avoiding tasks you know have to be done. It is a subconscious problem which is fed by deeper thoughts and beliefs, most of which have developed over many many years, and make procrastination difficult to eliminate.

However, our hypnosis audio penetrates deep within your subconscious mind, where the root cause of your procrastination exists within your subconscious beliefs, emotions, and patterns of thinking.

You don't need to be consciously fully aware of exactly why you procrastinate – our hypnosis sessions will do that for you by stimulating your unconscious mind to eliminate your productivity issues and replace your negative, limiting thoughts with the sort of thoughts which will make you simply take action when needed and become naturally productive.

There are many themes and some subtle deeper cues throughout these sessions, but 3 main themes throughout are:

Core Confidence:

Confidence and belief in yourself are the real foundation of productivity. If you truly believe in yourself then you will know what you are capable of; that you are truly capable of fulfilling your potential and reaching your dreams. The first session in this series focuses on this area specifically, but it is an area which is revisited and built upon throughout the whole series.

Once you truly believe in yourself and know you can achieve real success when you just take action and get things done.. then your world will become different. Things won't seem like a chore anymore, but quite the opposite. You will want to get things done to achieve a positive outcome; to make progress, to fulfil a commitment, to reach success. You will simply know you deserve more and that taking action is the simple way to get what you want and to accomplish your goals.

Self Sabotage and Emotional Control

A huge part of procrastination is down to self sabotage, and an underlying lack of emotional control.

The main theme running throughout this series is one of ownership of your own mind and eliminating the destructive and negative thought patterns which are the cause of your procrastination.

These sessions will put you in control of your emotions. You won't get apathetic, you won't give in to temptation or distraction. You will be in charge of your motions and you will take a logical, professional and rational approach to getting things done.

Your confidence in your skills and your belief in yourself will fuel this yes, but deeper still you will simply be in control of your mind. Your procrastination will not overcome you without mercy, without you being able to stop it.

You will be the one in control now!

You will be in control of your mind and your emotions. Self sabotage will not be an issue as you lead yourself to taking action while in a positive, focused and action orientated frame of mind.

Just imagine if procrastination wasn't all encompassing, if it didn't sneak up on you and stifle your success...

With help this procrastination elimination SYSTEM things will be different as you will gain control of your mind and simply act in the moment with clarity and a hugely productive mindset.

Proactive and Productive Mindset

Right now your mindset is not naturally productive, you can get distacted and allow yourself to procrastinate. The thought processes going on deep inside your mind are why this happens.

Ultimately this program will change you on such a core level so that this flips. So that you become someone who is naturally pro-active... so that you acquire the productivity mindset.

Just as you naturally seem to procrastinate, some people just naturally take action, getting things done without hesitation and can't even understand procrastination... their mindset is different to yours...

... but not for much longer. Ultimately this sequence of hypnosis sessions aims to implant within you this exact same pattern of thinking, so that you too acquire the success mindset associated to simply taking action, being productive and getting things done.

Once you truly think like this then procrastination won't be an issue at all. It won't be something you resist against and try to “be good” and get things done... you just simply will get things done productively as that is the sort of person you are now.

Get Ready to Change.. Forever!

Wait! This isn't for everyone. It does take commitment and a real deeper desire to change.

If you are not 100% ready to commit to this process or you don't really want to change your mindset and your life then this might not be right for you yet.

This isn't just for fun, it is relaxing and an enjoyable process but it isn't just a game. It needs to be taken seriously as there are deep changes occurring within your mind. This is an experience which will change the way you think, the way you feel about yourself and your whole attitude and mindset in life.

If you want to change... if you want today to be the first day of the rest of your life... if you want to change on a deeper, permanent level... if you want to stop procrastinating and just naturally start to become more productive with everything you do then this could be the program to change your life forever!

Gradually and naturally this series of hypnosis sessions will penetrate into your mind to eliminate your tendency to procrastinate and rewire you to a more naturally productive mindset.. you will simply become someone who gets things done on time, every time, has less stress and always makes the deadline... and you will be hugely more successful because of it.

Everyone procrastinates... but not you, not anymore! You will stand out from the crowd, you will get ahead in life, you will achieve the success you really deserve and you will fulfill your true potential!