Public Speaking Confidence

Greatly increase your public speaking confidence through the power of hypnosis. Become self-confident, and calm, then completely change your perception and responses associated to public speaking with this deep and comprehensive “system”!

This series of hypnosis sessions are the world's most in depth hypnosis sessions for increasing public speaking. They will take you from nervous wreck, all the way to confident charismatic speaker. To quickly see if this program is right for you, take a look at the following questions:

This system has been designed for two types of people, either:

  1. Those of you who have tried to improve, but no matter what (breathing exercises, visualization, dedicated practice), you still breakdown and experience huge amounts of stress when it comes to the crunch.
  2. Or those who don't even know where to start, are perhaps so nervous and afraid that you can't practice, that you can barely think about it and shut it out. Those of you who don't understand your emotions fully or why you are so scared and don't have the slightest idea where to start to improve or overcome your speaking issues.

If you are one of these people then this hypnosis “system” is for you. Put yourself in our hands, have a little trust, go through the experience and let our deep penetrating hypnosis make changes internally.

We know, we understand why you are scared and nervous, we understand public speaking and we understand how to change you!

And our hypnotic language patterns reach parts of your subconscious mind that you can't access; to make changes internally to how you think, so that you think about and feel differently about public speaking and your whole experience changes from being one focused around fear and nervousness, to being calm and quietly confident (and relieved), and then naturally to starting to enjoy the experience of speaking in public... even to start thriving on the energy and attention!

If this sounds impossible to you, then you are exactly who we have designed this experience for!

A Complete System for Success

This isn't just a one off experience, it isn't just a passive tool.

This is a completely immersive experience which you will go through with full commitment to change, over the course of 5 consecutive days.

Each session builds on and carries on from the previous session, targeting your subconscious mind from many different angles (super charging your self confidence and sense of belief, changing the way you view public speaking, and empowering you to speak and enjoy the moment), ensuring that your ability to speak in-front of an audience improves.. not just so you can get through the experience, but so you can perform exceptionally well, speak naturally and enjoy yourself and your new ability to speak.

As you continue through this “system”, the more your public speaking confidence will increase. Public speaking will no longer be an issue you; this comprehensive experience is designed to last permanently!

Take a minute now before you read any further to imagine yourself being able to speak confidently. To speak without nerves, without your voice cracking, without sweating or shaking.

If you really want this, then it is possible, and if you are 100% serious about achieving this and are prepared to commit to the process of listening to this whole series then lets explain a little more about how it works and how this complete system for public speaking success will actually help you.

It Does Not Matter WHY You Get Nervous

Firstly it is important to note that it doesn't matter exactly why you get nervous, why you panic at the thought of having to speak in public.

It also doesn't matter if you are nervous about an upcoming best man's speech at a wedding, a speech at a birthday or family event, a sales presentation in-front of potential new clients, a talk to your managers or board of directors, or a larger speech to a room full of strangers.

We can help you. Our hypnosis can help you to change.

These sessions go past these surface “whys” and “reasons”, and past the specifics of your speaking problem. They address the very source of your public speaking phobia – your long held negative beliefs, patterns of thinking and illogical thoughts concerning public speaking.

We can access these negative thoughts and beliefs and change them to change your view of public speaking, to change your “response”, and to change your experience – dramatically.

How It Works

Hypnosis basically works so well by bypassing your subconscious mind, and instilling within you belief, positivity, and confidence.. ultimately changing your perspective and your response towards public speaking.

Just Do It!?

However, to put things in perspective and easier explain the real benefit of hypnosis, first lets look at another way – basically just doing it over and over, and the potential pitfalls of this approach.

Once you speak in front of an audience 3x, 5x, 20x+ it becomes easier, it becomes more normal, your nerves reduce and it becomes something which is not so much of an unknown and something which you have already done plenty of times and is a more normal thing to do.

However, this is often easier said than done for those who never really speak publicly and have one big, important speech coming up or are starting a new role where speaking confidence will be a key part. For one there isn't the time to practice live many times over, but mainly, your nerves are going to be much higher and it is going to be harder to “just do it” as speaking in-front of a group isn't just something easy which you can practice, but an overwhelming thought.

It is these nerves which stop you from taking the first steps and which make public speaking so hard to overcome. You can't practice, so you can't familiarize yourself with speaking and make it normal. You are stuck in a catch-22 situation and your fear keeps you frozen!

So, Bypass This Fear!

Hypnosis is so effective as it helps you to get round this catch-22 situation, driven by fear.

Our hypnotic suggestions go straight into your subconscious mind to alleviate your fears and your long held beliefs and patterns of thinking associated towards public speaking.

At the minute you think of the worst, you imagine yourself on stage, speaking in-front of a group of people and you actually feel the dread, you feel sick in your stomach, and you see yourself sweating or stuttering.

This mental attitude is the spark of your stress and fear towards speaking.. but not for much longer.

Imagine if you had a positive movie playing within your mind instead – where you thought about speaking and you saw yourself standing straight, confident, and looking relaxed. If you felt calmness and could visualize yourself speaking slowly, confidently and calmly.

This is the first difference this comprehensive system will make, it will eliminate the need to practice speaking 3x, 5x, 20x etc to get to this point. It will instil within you this confidence and calmness towards public speaking – just imagine the difference that having this mindset would make to your speech, instead of having been panicking about it for weeks and feeling like a nervous wreck all morning on the day of the event.

However, this is just the start, this is just he tip of the iceberg!

This is just the first step. This system is not just one session. It is a fully comprehensive program and this is just a part of it.

As you progress through all 5 sessions your subconscious mind will be transformed beyond your wildest dreams. Eliminating your nerves and instilling confidence is just one thing. This program goes deeper – it will change your entire perspective towards public speaking, it will change the way you respond, even to the point where you genuinely enjoy speaking; where you only think of the positives of speaking – the respect you will gain, the good feelings you will encounter and the confidence and the buzz you will experience.

This program is not for the passive.. it is only for those who are serious about wanting to dramatically improve their public speaking. This program is nothing short of a complete, permanent, transformational experience.

Are You Ready?

This isn't for everyone! This isn't just a passive experience and does require a strong desire to change.

If you can't commit to this process, to listening to all 5 sessions or you aren't 100% serious about overcoming your public speaking phobia forever then this program might not be right for you just now.

There are a lot of changes which will take place within your mind, even as deeply as how you see, think and feel about yourself. This is an experience which will change you in terms of your actual outward confidence levels and how you approach life.

If you are truly ready, if you can commit and you do want to change then congratulations, today really could be the first day of the rest of your life – of a new life full of confidence and self esteem.. where you embrace speaking and your whole life benefits from your speaking ability – the extra respect and responsibility you receive in your career, the confidence people perceive within you (which they perceive because is it real), and the extra accomplishment and achievement you will be capable of because of this.

Everyone is afraid of speaking, it is the number one fear.. but after this process you will be in the top 1% who aren't scared, and not only those who aren't scared, but those who enjoy it and grow to thrive on the experience!