Manifestation Success

The most comprehensive hypnosis based manifestation system in the world. Designed to take you from A-B; from struggle to success in manifestation.

When you first learn about manifesting it is really exciting. Your head swims with thoughts about what you will manifest, how you will take control of your thoughts and how your life will change.

However, after a time you realize that you haven't materialized the big changes you are wanting, especially big physical items such as a new home, money, a better work-life or lifestyle.

You life still may be better in many ways as your pursuit of the law of attraction leads you to work on yourself, to pursue self improvement and develop a more positive outlook. You know you are still moving towards your manifestations, yet the big life changes elude you.

There is something missing. You can't quite put your finger on it. Often, “successful manifestation practitioners” will talk about simply believing, or “asking, knowing that you will will receive”.

However, for you this doesn't feel right; you have not received, so there are doubts and lacking beliefs, and overall there is a lack of feeling, of emotion. You don't feel in touch with your “energy” and this is why you can gradually, positively move your life in a better direction, but are still unable to really manifest to your highest power.

Well, this doesn't have to be the case.

This manifestation system will hypnotically penetrate into your subconscious mind to connect you to your inner energy, help you to tap into “the flow” to make your manifestations more natural, enhance your desires and add real emotion to them, and help you to naturally build and build on your manifestations.

We will come back to this and explain how it works further down this page, but first we need to make clear that this isn’t any normal short hypnosis session, it is a deeper and more comprehensive experience...

It is a Complete System for Success

This is an immersive experience, it isn’t just one 30 minute hypnosis session, but a series of 6 deeper hypnosis sessions with a total listening time of 2 hours and 43 minutes - a complete system!

You will listen over a period of a few days to one session after the other, for an all encompassing experience which isn't possible with just one session alone.

Each session builds on the last, taking you deeper and leaving no stone unturned inside your subconscious mind - ensuring that you have both the foundation and the energy level tools you need to properly manifest.

You will feel the changes taking place deep inside of you! You will feel things clicking into place. You will feel a deeper energetic connection to yourself. You will feel more in touch with life's flow, with your desires and you emotions and inner processes.

The end result is that all of your subconscious blockages are removed, your doubts and negative thoughts are shattered and you approach manifesting from a position of confidence, to total belief. Manifesting will stop being a mystery and a struggle for you, and instead will become a much more natural practice.

This “system” completely rewires you from the inside out. You will become a manifesting machine because you will be deeply in touch with your inner workings, energy, and the universal manifestation flow.

The Manifestation Tightrope

Manifesting is a tightrope. It is difficult to walk, and one slip-up undoes all of your hard work. All it takes is just one doubt to enter your mind and make you lazy, just one change in schedule to make you start missing your practice sessions, just a little too long without results to make you wonder if it is really for real... and just one of these things is enough to upset your energy flow and become a self fulfilling prophecy in itself – that you won't see results. For real success with the law of attraction you need to be mentally strong, focused on your desires, and consistent with your practice no matter what.

It is also important to get “on a roll”. Many people get excited about the possibilities when they first learn about this and try to manifest a ferrari or a million dollars. This is a step too far for a first attempt. You wouldn't go to the gym for the first time and try to lift the heaviest weights would you?

No. You would start with lighter weights, build your muscles and gradually progress to heavier and heavier weights.

Manifestation is no different, and to really simplify, this is how our hypnosis manifestation system will help you; firstly by making sure you have the foundations of energetic awareness and that your desires tap naturally into your energetic flow, but also that you start smaller, exercise your manifesting muscles and manifest many things, bigger each time to strengthen your confidence and belief and ensure that you don't “fall off the tightrope” but stay balanced and are consistently manifesting your desires.

How Our Manifestation Hypnosis System Works

This series of manifestation hypnosis sessions works in four main ways:

True Desire

Desire is the true foundation of manifestation...

... Not just desire, but true, focused desire which you are aware of, which you create, which you control, desire which you channel into a specific goal, a desire from which all of your drive, ambition, and manifestation power comes forth.

This foundation, once set will empower you and all of your manifestation efforts. Your manifestations will be coming from your heart, from deep inside of you. They will be charged with energy and emotion which comes from your very core.

Our hypnosis sessions cover desire from every angle, literally bombarding your subconscious mind to bring your desire to life within your mind's eye.

The first goal of this “system” (and one which is reinforced subtly throughout every session) is to ignite you desires, charge them with your feelings and emotions and bring them to the surface of your mind so that you are very aware of them and that these “charged desires” will become the natural channels for your manifestation projections.

Get Into The Flow

You can either struggle and spend your energy manifesting “off target”, or you can tap into the manifestation flow, do things properly and spend your energy productively.

Over the centuries we have forgotten how to manifest. When we were a tribal society without complex communication, without “leisure time”, when life was just “think, act, survive” manifesting came naturally.

Now we have moved away from our roots we have so many options and rarely apply our complete mental and physical consciousness to one thing at a time any more. Our minds are unfocused and untrained and we no longer know how to tap into life's flow and manifest naturally.

One of our sessions, titled “Get into the Flow of Life” tackles this area head on, however all of the sessions flow through this idea, revisiting it from multiple subconscious angles to ensure that your barriers are broken down and that you return to a simple, natural way of manifesting.

Gratitude Mindset

We all know that gratitude is an area that people forget when manifesting, we also know that if you focus on gratitude through your manifestation practice that you can get more of the same – more of the good things in your life.

Our system takes this one step further, it uses the principles of gratitude to “power up” to aid your manifestations on many different levels.

You will start to use principles of gratitude to manifest small things, one after another. You will get good at manifesting because of this. You will strengthen your belief in the law of attraction as a theory and a practice, and you will develop rock solid self belief that you can actually manifest.

As you begin with gratitude manifestations, your skills will get stronger and stronger and you will naturally start to manifest bigger and bigger.

Energetic and Emotional Awareness

Along with “Getting into the flow”, another key theme throughout these sessions is helping you to strengthen your energetic awareness; your awareness of your own thought channels and inner workings.

These sessions take you deep inside your mind. They help you to get in touch with your emotions, your thoughts and your energy.

Only when you understand your inner workings can you truly manifest at a higher level – for manifestation really is the control of your inner energy, of the channelling of your intentions and desires.

Our sessions will take you from a perspective of looking consciously from the outside, struggling to look inside at your desires and emotions, to actually journeying into your mind to look and to feel your energy actually from the inside – how it really is.

You will start to manifest from your core, using deeper feeling and emotion. You will manifest energetically and you will see a big difference in the results you experience because of it.

Are You Ready To Change?

Wait! This isn't for everyone. This is a deeper experience only for those serious about manifestation.

This isn't just a relaxing and an enjoyable process. It is a subconscious penetrating experience which will create deep changes within your mind. It will change your whole attitude towards manifestation and the way you manifest - FOREVER.

If you want to change on a deeper, permanent level... if you want to manifest more naturally, from a head-space of pure belief and confidence in your powers of manifestation then this program can stimulate changes within your mind to change your life forever!

One layer at a time this system will transform your mind into a manifesting machine – so that manifesting isn't a struggle but a natural part of who you are, and for this, you do need to be ready to commit the time to listen to one session each day.

If you are really ready, then take a step towards a new life... make today the first day of the rest of your life!