Perfectionism and Procrastination: Hypnosis and Procrastination Series Part 2

Procrastinator Type 1: The Perfectionist

In this short video Brennan Smith, Natural Hypnosis hypnotist, talks about how perfectionism is the most inconspicious but likely the most dangerous form of procrastination.

He goes on saying that nothing we do, nor anything we've ever done can be perfect, so that we should strive for excellence rather than perfection.

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Excellence, unlike perfection, is available to us all - and when we make that mental shift thanks to hypnosis, we find ourselves readier to jump into projects that inspire us.

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Watch the second video of our Hypnosis and Procrastination series in which Brennan is discussing this problem, and read the transcript, bellow:

I think that the most insidious form of procrastinaton or sabotage of some kind is perfectionism.

That one can really creep in there, because here we are people who desire to do things well. We want there to be a quality to our work, and excellence in everyhting that we do.

But, excellence is different than perfection.

Perfection is something that, if we really stopped and thought about it, we would probabbly be able to agree that there's no such thing in the human experience.

There's so much randomeness and unpredictability in the world, how could you possibly even think that something could ever come out exactly the way you pictured it.

But, if we can get comfrotable with the idea of excellence, which is totally available to all of us and easy to create by just taking steps of progress, well then we arrive every time.

Then we're much more productive people and we're willing to take action and jump right into any taks or project that we're looking to complete.

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