Hypnosis and Procrastination: Part 1 - Introduction and Overview

In this video Brennan Smith, Natural Hypnosis hypnotherapist, discusses the foru major areas that cause one to procrastinate. This is part one of our five part procrastination series.

They are issues with self esteem, perfectionism, fear of success and self sabotage.

He has helped many people deal with similar problems, and has thus pre recorded a collection of hypnosis mp3s to help you deal with these problems. Download the Procrastination Elimination hypnosis collection HERE.

See how Brennan thinks about procrastination in the video bellow, or read our video transcript:

Patterns of human behaviour are really well understood.

When it comes to procrastination, there's pretty much four major areas where procrastination comes from.

  • You've got self esteem based procrastinations, sort of a worthieness conversation.
  • You've got perfectionism, why should I do it if it's not going to work out perfect anyway.
  • You've got that fear of the unknown or fear of success kind of thing.
  • And then there's self sabotage. This is a deeper pattern for some people, but still changable, as is everyhting.

So, that's procrastination in a nutshell for you.

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