Fear of Success: Hypnosis and Procrastination Series Part 4

We've reccorded a video in which Brennan Smith, the hypnotherapist behind Natural Hypnosis, discusses how fear of succes - the fear that makes people unwittingly sabotage their future success over and over - is actually the fear of the unknown.

He reasons that our primal instinc is to survive. Our subconscious thinks that everything that we've been getting so far is OK, because you've already survived that, no matter how bad it was for you!

Basically, a part of your brain thinks that it's job is to keep the status quo! If you do want to change and maybe stop sabotaging yourself, or the very least to let go of your fear of success, you can download this hypnosis mp3 that Brennan Smith pre-recorded just for you! Find it here - www.naturalhypnosis.com/fear-of-success-hypnosis

Watch the video, or read the transcript below. Enjoy!

Fear of Success, it's really a fear of the unknown for those who have never been successful, or to those that don't know how life might change. And change is just plain scarry on a deep level.

It's not neccessarily logical like we think in the frontal lobes of the brain.

In the deep part of our brain, the primary function of that part of our brain is our survival. So, what your brain knows on a very deep level is that everything you've ever experienced must be ok for you to experience, because you've already survived it.

As long as nothing ever changes and everything is familiar, you could live forever according to that part of your brain.

But what we know is that new experiences that actually give you what you want out of life, that meet your needs and that don't have some of the side effects potentially of the way you're currently meeting your needs or the struggle that you're currently living in, that the part of our brain that is massively adaptable can take on those new ways of doing things.

That way your needs get met, and you're going to survive AND your quality of life increases and you get joy and fullfilment in there too.

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