Weight Loss

Re-wire your mind with our core weight loss hypnosis download and lose weight naturally!

Weight Loss CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle with your weight?
  • Do you start a diet only to give up or go back to your old eating habits?
  • Do you wish you could just lose naturally and keep it off?
  • Is being overweight negatively influencing all areas of your life, limiting your self esteem and holding you back from living the life you want to live?

If you can relate to these feelings then hypnosis can help you! The very fact that you have these patterns of thinking is the reason why hypnosis can help you!

It is your very own thoughts which are the reason why you are still overweight. The way you think and feel about yourself, about your body, towards your weight, and also importantly the way you think and feel about food, diet, nutrition, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle... these are the root cause of your weight issues.

Think about it - some people seem to always be naturally slim, to never need to worry about their weight, or having to diet. They have never been overweight, and they never will be.

The only difference between these people and yourself is in your mindset - your beliefs and thoughts about yourself, about food, and exercise.

These “naturally slim” people simply think in a different way to you - they don’t crave fatty foods and see healthy food as a punishment. They don’t see exercise as a chore - they actually naturally enjoy healthy foods, and they love exercise, or barely think about it at all - it is just a normal part of their everyday lives.

It is because of these different thought process that they are naturally slim. They never feel cravings for junk food, they never have urges to binge eat, they never over eat, and exercise just comes naturally to them - no wonder they are slim and healthy!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have these exact same patterns of thinking? If weight loss just started happening naturally for you, and if you managed to keep it off this time... forever...

Well all of this is possible! This is exactly how this simple, natural weight loss hypnosis mp3 album works.

It will penetrate into your mind and destroy the negative beliefs you have associated to yourself, to food, and to exercise over the years, and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings - the kinds shared by these healthy, naturally slim people!

Once you share these exact same types of belief systems then your whole lifestyle will gradually start to change - and with it you will find yourself making better choices naturally. Rather than having to force yourself to eat healthily or to exercise it will just come much more naturally to you, and you too will lose weight and acquire the slim body you dream of - the slim body which you deserve.

This album is our most popular, and indeed, or core album in our hypnosis for weight loss range. It covers many areas of health and weight loss generally, self image, and attitudes towards food, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. If you know you have very specific mental blockages in some of these areas then browse our other weight loss hypnosis cds and mp3s - we have albums to increase your motivation to exercise, to help you to stop comfort eating, increase your metabolism and much more.

What to Expect

If you are brand new to hypnosis then you will find this album both relaxing to listen to, and energizing once you have finished and return to full conscious awareness. You will finish listening to this hypnosis cd and “awaken” feeling happy, positive, and energized about the future and your potential for easier, natural weight loss.

Short Term

In the short term you will experience subtle changes to your thought processes associated to your diet, lifestyle, and exercise. Things will start to come a bit more naturally to you - losing weight will seem like less of a struggle to you, you will be less tempted by foods and actions which will set you back, and more and more you will become more motivated to succeed and develop a real positive and pro-active mindset.

Long Term

As you continue to use the album your patterns of thinking and self beliefs will be completely re-wired from the inside-out. You will be losing weight and feeling like a new person. Eventually you will wonder what all the fuss was about - why was losing weight so hard previously? This is as your mindset has completely changed and you will barely be able to relate to the way you used to think and feel - weight loss will just seem simple, easy, and natural, and you will naturally live a healthy lifestyle as you stay slim permanently.

Download this powerful hypnosis weight loss cd today and make a lasting change within your mind - a change which will help you to lose weight much more easily and naturally!