Think Yourself Thin

Dramatically change your mindset with help from this powerful hypnosis album and literally think yourself thin!

Think Yourself Thin CD Album Cover

If you have struggled with your weight for years, constantly trying one diet or exercise program after another without success then there is a deeper issue which is holding you back - issues deep within your subconscious mind in the form of long held attitudes, beliefs, and patterns of thinking.

If this is the case then your self sabotaging patterns of thinking need to be broken, and re-built, and this is exactly what our think yourself thin hypnosis audio download will accomplish.

This unique hypnosis audio album works in several ways:

  • To energize you, and make you more positive than ever; failure will not even be an option for you! You will be more focused than ever on losing weight, and getting healthy.
  • It will stimulate real change from within. With help from this album you will not only be starting a new exercise routine or healthy eating plan. These are positive physical steps, but with help from this album you will not just be trying out a new diet, you will be making real changes deep inside to your patterns of thinking about healthy eating, diet, and lifestyle - the sort of deeper, identity level changes which will actually make the difference.
  • To help you to visualize your future slim self more clearly than ever before. Pause for just a second, can you imagine your future slim body? You might think so, but can you really see yourself in 3D, interacting with people, smiling, laughing, with a slim waistline, even with a toned stomach? If this image is hazy, or you can’t make it last then this means that you have problems in terms of a lack of belief - deep down you don’t believe it is truly possible. Being able to properly visualize the body you want is so important as it smashes these limiting beliefs and really makes it possible for your visualization to become a reality.
  • Finally, it will massively increase your mental strength to succeed. It will strengthen your motivation and your willpower more than ever before. You will have a rock solid mental state; you will be more driven than ever and more prepared to push past any setbacks and stay on track no matter what.

This album has been designed to work in partnership with our core weight loss hypnosis album and other albums in our weight loss collection (including motivation to exercise, stop comfort eating and increase your metabolism). You can think of it as a booster album, to give you the maximum chance of success by ensuring there are no limiting or negative beliefs left in your subconscious mind which would otherwise sabotage your success.

What to Expect

This album is really energizing and is actually a fun experience. During this session you will be taken on a journey through your mind, playing with your self beliefs and perceptions. You will be guided to imagine and visualize your future slim and healthy self more vividly than ever, and once you finish listening you will be super charged and extremely positive.

Short Term

You will feel energized and positive straight away, and after just one or two sessions you will feel the seeds of change implanted within your mind. You will be focused on your weight loss goal and positive that you can achieve it - you will feel different, like NOW really is the time when you will succeed.

Long Term

As you keep listening over the course of a couple of weeks you will see the changes build and build. You patterns of thinking will change for the better, you will be mentally much stronger in terms of motivation, and willpower, but more than anything you will be quietly confident, confident that the “new you” can cope with anything, that you are losing weight consistently each week and that you are making a lasting, massively positive change in your life.

If you are really serious about losing weight for real this time then download your copy of this “Think Yourself Thin” hypnosis cd today, to give yourself a massive boost, and the increased chance of success that you really deserve!