Stop Comfort Eating

Stop comfort eating forever - take control over your mind, and your body with help from this powerful hypnosis download!

Stop Comfort Eating CD Album Cover
  • Do you have a problem with comfort eating?
  • Do you get home after a hard day and console yourself with junk food or chocolate and ice cream?
  • Do you eat when you feel emotional or upset in an attempt to make yourself feel better?

Have you ever thought you were in control - perhaps you were eating healthily and staying away from junk food, and then in a moment of weakness you order a pizza, or binge eat on chocolate, or give in to temptation on your favourite junk food. While you’re doing it you don’t let yourself think about it, but then immediately afterwards you feel worse than ever - like you have let yourself down.

We all like to comfort eat a little sometimes, but when it gets to this stage, where you have no control over it, and no resistance then it becomes a much more serious problem, and the more you do this the more natural this will become, and therefore an even harder habit to break - it is a real negative spiral which never ends but all the way leads to low self esteem, depression, and obviously weight gain - perhaps weight gain which will limit your enjoyment of life, or worse, seriously damage your health.

If you seriously want to change your eating habits then this simple hypnosis download can help you. It penetrates into your subconscious mind naturally and rewires the way you think about food, and will directly alter your habits of eating, forever!

It is your thought processes, habits, and associations which you have built up over many years which have led to your pattern of comfort eating - by targeting these directly, and changing them with help from our stop comfort eating hypnosis mp3s you can finally put an end to your comfort eating and claim your waistline and your life back!

This hypnosis cd will help you in several ways:

  • Firstly it will help you to take control. You will be in full control of your mind and your thoughts at all times. Because of this, any urges to comfort eat will not be able to “sneak up” on you, and take over.
  • It will naturally boost your willpower and levels of motivation so that when you do experience urges and cravings, or feel really low, you will now be able to resist and push through them.
  • You will stop being driven by your emotions. You think logically, and soon it won’t even be a matter of having to “resist” urges - you will just think logically and know it is damaging you, and you will just naturally pass on the thought and eat healthily.
  • Change your entire attitude towards food. Rather than seeing sweets, fast food, or just your favourite fatty foods as desirable you will think of the negatives - the weight you will gain, the negative health implications, and also how low and self critical you will feel after you have finished comfort eating. You will also think of the positives of healthy eating - how it will help you to lose weight, improve your health, and how fantastic and positive you will feel about yourself that you managed to overcome your comfort eating urges!

What to Expect

If this is your first time listening to hypnosis then this will be an enjoyable experience. You will begin listening to this hypnosis audio album and simply feel you are having a conversation with Brennan (the Hypnotist), then you will feel more and more relaxed and may not remember the whole session. You will “wake up” again completely back to normal, feeling refreshed and positive.

Short Term

You can start using this album and gain benefit from it straight away. Many people use this album when they feel tempted, or at a regular time each day before a meal time so that they have the positive suggestions fresh in their mind and stay on track.

Long Term

This album has a really cumulative effect. The more you listen over time then the more benefit you will get. You will also start to feel more and more positive and then more positive you feel the easier you will be able to resist you comfort eating urges.. which will lead to more positivity and next time will be even easier to resist as you seek more of these positive feelings... this positive circle will only grow and grow until the comfort eating doesn’t make you feel better like it used to and it loses it’s power completely.

Download this quit comfort eating hypnosis cd today to rewire the way your mind works, eliminate your comfort eating from the source and claim your waistline and your life back!