Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Rewire your subconscious mind and develop healthy eating habits for life with help from this simple yet powerful hypnosis audio!

Develop Healthy Eating Habits CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle to eat healthy food?
  • Do you try to pretend you enjoy eating healthily, but after a couple of days you really miss your regular foods?
  • Do you find it difficult to eat healthy food consistently?

If you seriously want to develop healthy eating habits then this simple, natural hypnosis audio can help you.

Similarly to our “stop comfort eating” title, this album will change your entire attitude towards food. Unlike the stop comfort eating album where a lot of the focus is also on developing mental strength and willpower to resist urges, this album really focuses on this side of things more - to help you to develop healthy eating habits by re-wiring the way you think about food on a deeper subconscious level.

  • You will think of the negatives of eating an unhealthy diet. Rather than seeing sweets, fast food, or just your favourite fatty foods as desirable you will think of the negatives - the weight you will gain, the negative health implications, and also how low and self critical you will feel after you have finished comfort eating.
  • You will also just naturally think of the positives of healthy eating - how it will help you to lose weight, improve your health, and how fantastic and positive you will feel about yourself that you managed to overcome your comfort eating urges! This simple switch from negative to positive thinking will have a profound effect on your eating habits, and you will find it much easier, and much more natural to eat healthily.
  • You will become more consistent in your eating habits. You will stop “yo-yo-ing” between eating healthily, not so healthily and binge eating. You will naturally eat a much more balanced, and healthy diet, much more consistently.
  • Ultimately healthy eating will stop being a struggle for you, as you develop the type of mindset shared by those who naturally eat healthily without even thinking about it. It is this final change in mindset and beliefs which will change your life, reduce your waistline, and change the way you think about food forever.

What to Expect

If you are new to hypnosis then you will find this a pleasant experience. You will become more and more relaxed as you continue to listen, and depending on your learning style you may or may not remember every part of the experience, you will however always awaken feeling refreshed and positive.

Short Term

Over the short term you will experience real tangible results almost straight away. You will find yourself less susceptible to temptations, and just making better food choices naturally. You will feel much more positive about yourself and your ability to stay “on track” and develop lasting, positive, healthy eating habits.

Long Term

Over time, the hypnotic suggestions will build and make permanent, lasting changes to your patterns of thinking and belief sets associated to yourself, dieting, and food. You will gradually become one of those people who just eats healthily naturally. You won’t struggle, or have to “be good”, you will just naturally eat a balanced, healthy diet, and because of this you will find yourself losing weight, getting healthier and healthier and getting the most out of life!

Download this powerful hypnosis cd today and develop the mindset which will help you to eat healthily, naturally, and transform your life!