Top 10 Results of the The Law of Attraction Done Right

The Law of Attraction has gotten harsh cricticisms or devoted followers.

50% of the blame for when it “doesn’t work” goes to the teachers who give people a half-formed, unreasonable picture of what the laws are, how they work and how to use them. The movie the secret being culprit number one.

The truth of the matter is that the laws always work when they are properly and consistently activated over the course of a lifetime.

Yes, a lifetime.

The Law of Attraction is a lifestyle decision – it’s a way of being, a way of seeing the world. Some people are sad or disappointed that the Universal Laws don’t immediately apply whatever you visualize and provide it to you in the next 5 minutes. It doesn't work like that.

Look at it this way: 20 years from now, you will either be dead or you’ll be 20 years older (no matter what). You’ll also either be full of regret because you let your circumstances determine your life, or you’ll be excited about all the progress you’ve seen because you...

  1. Created a specific vision for your life.
  2. Visualized and affirmed that vision.
  3. Took consistent action aligned with that vision day after day, week after week, year after year.

The skeptics will respond by saying:If I’m working all my life at something, I’ll have success with or without all this visualizing and affirming... it wasn’t the Law of Attraction at that point, it was all my hard work!

A fair enough complaint, on the surface, but here’s the deal.

In the same way that affirmation without action doesn’t produce results, action without affirmation is much weaker and less focused.

There are 1000’s of books and CEO’s and consultants out there who agree that to produce visionary, innovative results, you need a passionate “Why” – a personal, deeply inspiring Purpose for your actions.

This is where the Law of Attraction changes everything and what it looks like when 'you're doing LoA right'.

When you use visualization and affirmation consistently, whether that’s through Law of Attraction hypnosis or by meditating or reading books, here’s what happens:

  1. You either get lit up with a flood of positive emotions, or you don’t.
  2. You use that feedback from your emotions to try out new visions and ideas.
  3. Soon, you develop a really strong sense of what is deeply inspiring to you.
  4. As a result, you begin to have a sense of a service or innovation that’s aligned with your Purpose, and that you feel called to bring to the world.
  5. “Hard work” gets a lot easier, because you are in the flow of inspired action.
  6. Innovations begin to arrive from places other than you, because you’re playfully experimenting with what works (instead of the “hard work” approach, which needs it to be done the “right way”).
  7. Collaborators are coming on board, because they are inspired by your vision (or they have one that’s very similar, so teamwork is the obvious choice).
  8. Results begin to arrive much more quickly, because the energy of a team that is aligned around a purpose is far more powerful than the individual power of those people working alone.
  9. Pretty soon, you’re only 10 years into your 30-year vision, and you realize you need to expand your sense of what’s possible because your original vision is practically already done.
  10. True, inspired success is yours. And it may or may not look like what society calls success... but it is exactly what you chose to create, so it’s the very best success for you.

The Law of Attraction is working all the time, regardless of whether you’re working with it to create flow, or working against your own happiness by attracting doubt and fear.

We’re here to help you step into the flow of the 10 results listed above, by engaging your brain’s natural ability to align with the Universal Laws and see your chosen life arriving more quickly and easily - and that is why we've created our Manifestaion Success multip part hypnosis series.

Let’s do this!