Law of Attraction

Penetrate deep into your mind with this law of attraction hypnosis download to dramatically increase the results you experience and attract the dream lifestyle you deserve!

Law of Attraction CD Album Cover
  • Are you struggling to get results with the law of attraction?
  • Have you read books, or watched videos about the law of attraction but still can’t make it work?
  • Have you tried techniques such as using affirmations, conscious meditations, wish lists, vision boards etc... but still haven’t seen much or any progress towards manifesting your desires?
  • Do you read about people manifesting houses, cars, new partners, or mysterious checks in the mail and wonder what these people who have success with the law of attraction are doing that you’re not?

If you really want to succeed with the law of attraction then don’t give up yet! Our law of attraction hypnosis album plugs a vital gap in your law of attraction toolkit and will make you much more likely to succeed!

One of the main problems with the law of attraction is that it requires belief. Real success requires 100% belief both consciously and perhaps more importantly, subconsciously too. This can be difficult for newcomers to the law of attraction as it is one thing to accept that we are simply the result of all of our thoughts and beliefs, yet it is quite a leap to truly believe that therefore we can simply think about something and manifest it into our lives - especially physical things like money, cars, or perhaps a new romantic partner.

What usually happens with the law of attraction is that you get some small results, or at the very least just feel more focused on your goals, and feel more positive, but then when you try to aim bigger that is when doubts and limiting beliefs start to slip into your mind.

Even if you have experienced some physical results, you will then consciously believe in it and will be more successful because of that.. however you will still have some doubts and negativity deep within your subconscious mind, and it is these doubts which will hold even you back from manifesting your exact dream lifestyle (even if you don’t realize it).

If you want real results with the law of attraction then you NEED to believe, especially so deep down in your subconscious beliefs and patterns of thinking.

This is how our law of attraction hypnosis mp3s will help you. The hypnotic suggestions penetrate deep into your subconscious mind, the one area often most neglected, an area where wish-lists, conscious positivity, and vision-boards alone just won’t help.

Our hypnosis penetrates to the very source, it is the final key to the law of attraction which can unlock the gateway to manifestation success once and for all. Here is how this album will help, it will:

  • Enhance your belief in the law of attraction. Belief is the primary building block towards law of attraction success. Once you fully believe in the potential of your mind and it’s infinite possibilities both consciously, but also deep inside with your entire subconscious mind too, only then you will you start to have real success.
  • Guarantee absolute “Subconscious Alignment”. Similarly to belief, subconscious alignment is basically the alignment of your subconscious mind to your conscious goals and physical actions. With every fibre of your being working towards the same goals you will create a synergy effect and have much more manifestation potential.
  • Give you greater ability to visualize. One common complaint amongst people who don’t get success from the law of attraction is a lack of ability to clearly and vividly visualize their desires. This goes hand in hand with belief, and the two actually bounce off each other - the more you believe the better you can visualize, and the more you can visualize your own success then the more you will truly believe it is possible. This law of attraction hypnosis cd guarantees that you will be visualizing your success in full 3D, surround sound, animated movies within your mind as Brennan (the hypnotist) guides you and plants powerful hypnotic suggestions within your mind to help you to paint more vivid mental pictures than ever before.
  • Greatly enhance your positivity and give you an unshakable positive attitude that you will get what you ask for. Rather than “asking and hoping” you will be focusing on what you want and KNOWING it is due to you and on it’s way. This change in thinking alone will dramatically change your manifestation results as you start to expect success - this mental state just feeds back into the core principles of the law of attraction, that “we are what we think” and because of this you will receive much more.

What to Expect

This album is one of our most detailed, graphic, and though provoking. It will take you on a vivid, visual journey into the depths of your own subconscious mind. You will be guided through visual mental landscapes deep within your own subconscious mind, and shown the real power you are capable of, and the limitless possibilities which are open to you when you are in control of your own subconscious mind. It is a pleasant, and exciting experience and you will feel energized and mentally stimulated afterwards.

Short Term

Even in the short term you will notice results from this album. You will feel more energized and “tuned in” during everyday life. When thinking about the things you want to attract into your life you will be able to visualize them more clearly than ever, and you will feel super positive, excited, and more in control than ever before.

Long Term

Over the long term the law of attraction will come much more naturally to you. The initial excitement you will feel early on after using the album will be replaced instead with a simple positive sense self confidence and self assurance as you successfully create visions within your mind, focus on new things and realities you wish to manifest in your life, and have them come true.

Whether you are just getting started, or you are a law of attraction veteran this powerful hypnosis audio download will add an extra element to your attraction potential (the element which most neglect and experience failure because of) and make you more likely than ever to manifest your dream lifestyle!