Attract Luck

Use this simple and powerful attract luck hypnosis mp3 to target your subconscious mind with powerful hypnotic suggestions and attract luck into your life!

Attract Luck CD Album Cover

If you consider yourself to be just “naturally unlucky” then you are in the right place! Perhaps you wonder how some people just seem to be blessed with good luck, how they seem to attract opportunities, win competitions, and always find themselves in the right place at the right time?

You really can attract your own luck and become a naturally lucky person. Luck is all in the mind, this unique hypnosis download will gain access to your subconscious mind to re-wire your patterns of thinking and beliefs, and to instill the type of mindset within you which is shared by these “naturally lucky” people - so that you too can become naturally lucky in all areas of your life, and therefore get much more enjoyment from life too!

This album works in 3 simple ways to help you to attract luck and good fortune into your life naturally, it will:

  1. Primarily, this album works according to principles of the law of attraction. Whatever we think about and focus on we end up attracting into our lives. This hypnosis download will ensure that you are 100% focused on attracting luck and fortune into your life. You will really focus more than ever on the good fortune in your life and the times you have been lucky. Looking to the future, it will really help you to visualize yourself being fortunate, winning things, and being blessed with good fortune and good luck. Simply adjusting your patterns of thinking in this way is the foundation you need to turn into one of these lucky people you currently envy. This change of mindset is the vital first step!
  2. Help you to focus on all the good luck and fortune you do have. Again, this is a law of attraction principle. This is the element of “gratitude”. Whatever you are grateful and thankful in your life, you are therefore thinking about in a positive way, and will thus attract more of it to you. However unlucky you feel sometimes, it is always possible to switch your thinking and consider how lucky you are, whether it is for the place you live, the family you have, your basic health and so on. Just thinking about and being grateful for these simple ways in which you are lucky is the stepping stone for bringing more of the same into your life, and also more luck generally into all areas of your life.
  3. Ensure that you Expect good fortune. One of the main things which separates you from "naturally lucky people” is in your self beliefs and patterns of thinking. They EXPECT happiness, and luck in life, they are optimistic at all times, they expect to win, and they expect fortune to fall their way, to make it through hard times, and ultimately to be successful. With help from this hypnosis mp3 you will start to think in exactly the same way too, and attract much more luck and good fortune to you because of it.

What to Expect

If you are new to hypnosis then this album is a great introduction. You may be surprised at how natural it sounds - like you are just having a onversation with Brennan, your hypnotist. Gradually you will slip into a mild trance, and you might not remember everything which is said to you - rest assured you are receiving the benefit, and you will “awaken” feeling refreshed and positive.c

Short Term

Over the short term you will notice some results straight away. Immediately you will feel more optimistic, positive and energized, and you will start to notice more and more small instances of luck and good fortune in your life.

Long Term

As you continue to listen these “small instances” of luck become common place in your life, but more than that they will start to grow and grow. You will start to win things more often, to have good fortune in your every day life, and you will keep finding yourself in the “right place at the right time” as you encounter new opportunities and positive new life experiences.

Download your copy of this attract luck hypnosis cd today and start to naturally attract the good fortune and luck into your life you really deserve!