Improve Visualization

Improve your ability to visualize and create vivid mental imagery with help from this powerful hypnosis audio cd / mp3 download.

Improve Visualization CD Album Cover
  • Do you find it difficult to visualize?
  • Do you find your mind wandering when you try to visualize?
  • Do you start your visualization practice with good intentions, but easily get bored or distracted?

If you struggle to focus and concentrate on your visualizations, or you try to visualize but just can’t do it, or you can’t maintain your visualizations for long, can’t create moving visualizations, color visualizations, or realistic looking visualizations, then this is the right album for you.

This improve visualization hypnosis mp3 will help to enhance your visualization skills more than you would believe would be possible. It will help you to:

  • Visualize easier: Visualizing will just start to come easier to you, to feel more natural, and rather than getting bored, finding it difficult and struggling, you will find it, fun, start to enjoy visualizing and just find the whole process much more natural.
  • Have clearer visualizations: Your visualizations will stop being “foggy” or limited. You start to visualize much more clearly and accurately.
  • Visualize in color: Rather than just black and white, or dull, “foggy” or faded visualizations (as is common with beginners), you will visualize in full color, and develop the ability to visualize much more vividly.
  • Visualize in 3D: Rather than flat, lifeless imagery you will develop the ability to see things in 3D, to be able to look at your visualizations from different angles, in full 3D
  • Make moving visualizations: Rather than still images, you find it easier and easier to make mini movies and animated / moving visualization - these are much more lifelike, and much more powerful that still visualizations.

The benefits of having a stronger ability to visualize are limitless! This ability will make you more creative and expressive, it will help you to come up with new ideas, but more than anything it will help you to clearly visualize your future, and to map out the life you want for yourself, and visualization is one of the main keys to the law of attraction; the more accurately you are able to visualize the life you want to live in the future then the more likely you are to attract this and turn it into a reality.

Visualization is an important tool for athletes and sports stars. Olympic athletes will make sure they are in peak mental condition by vividly visualizing their moment of victory, and living out their success within their mind over and over again. In the same way successful businessmen will vividly imagine themselves closing deals, making money and growing successful businesses, actors and celebrities will visualise their name up in lights long before it actually happens.

Because these successful people often visualize their success long before it happens they start to feel like they really deserve it, like it is going to happen and it is not an “if”, it is just a matter of time. They also focus on their goals more than ever, get more and more motivated, single minded, and determined to make their dreams into a reality - their basic ability to visualize actually fires them up and helps them to become successful!

With help from this album you will acquire the ability to visualize much more clearly, accurately, and vividly. You will be able to create a picture within your mind which seems much more real, and it will therefore will be much more likely to become real and become a real part of your life!

What to Expect

Listening to this album is like going on a vivid visual journey in itself. While you listen and follow Brennan’s hypnotic suggestions you will find yourself creating colorful mental images and manipulating them more than ever before. This album is really stimulating and enjoyable, and you will finish listening feeling positive, refreshed, and super creative.

Short Term

Even in the short term you will experience the benefits from this album of being able to imagine and visualize much more clearly. You mind will feel clearer, and you will be able to focus and concentrate much more than before.

Long Term

Over the long term you will experience your ability to visualize grow from strength to strength. You will be able to visualize for longer, and much more deeply. You will not get as easily bored, distracted, or frustrated with your visualizations - you will be able to create more vivid, accurate, 3D, and moving visualizations than ever before, and this will impact positively on your whole life and on the success you experience whether you are pursuing sports success, success in business, or just personal and private goals and hobbies.

Download this improve visualization hypnosis cd today and power up your mind to be able to produce more vivid visualizations than ever before, so that you can ultimately use these visualizations to map out your future and transform your entire life!