Is There More to the Law of Attraction than Positive Thinking?

Of course you did. Positive thinking alone doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world -- not until you add Inspired Action. In fact, many people who dislike the law of attraction equate it to positive, or even worse, wishful thinking. But it's more than that...

When your action steps are supported by your inspiration those beans really start to add up.

When you experienced our Law of Attraction blog post, you imagined yourself having attained your goal…how it looked, how it felt… the payoff for all your hard work.

Now take it another step further. What is the purpose for your desire? What emotions will you feel as a result of your accomplishing your goals? Forget altruism here. Make it personal, intimate and intensely meaningful for you. This is your Why.

When your Why is big enough, How ceases to be a problem.

Your Why will keep you going when the going gets tough.

Often at the beginning of a project you are so enthusiastic that you sprint right off the starting line. Your vision and intention are crystal clear. Your self-confidence simply refuses to acknowledge fear or doubt. In your mind, the goal is simply inevitable.

That initial burst eventually fades and the reality of the endurance race starts to set in. Progress slows. That crystal clear vision gets muddled with obstacles. The course seems to stretch ahead of you and the finish line is nowhere in sight. The steps become repetitive, monotonous, laborious.

This is where Inspired Action shines. Inspired Action doesn’t mean you only act when you are motivated. Inspired Action allows you to create your motivation rather than wait for it.

Feeling mired in drudgery can suck the energy right out of you. Don’t let it! You started this for a reason! You knew it wouldn’t all be easy but that’s what made it worth doing!

Take a moment to breathe deeply and reflect on your Why, your higher purpose, your true motivation, your source of inspiration. Bring it into your body, mind and spirit. Let it fuel you. Let in infuse you.

Here are some examples of Why’s that inspire us to action: It’s not about losing weight; it’s about feeling sexy, healthy and alive. It’s not about making more money; it’s about the freedom to live a lifestyle that you love. It’s not about cleaning the dishes; it’s the look of surprise as your loved one feels appreciated.

Doesn’t that feel different?

Now starting from this mood of true purpose you’ve generated, think about the next steps... if you were to take just one small step forward, what would it be?

By taking this one small action, you are the Master of the cycle of cause and effect.

You’re familiar with the law of cause and effect -- if something happens it’s because something else caused it to happen. If you took action only when you felt motivated, you would be living on the “effect” side of cause and effect... stuck until an outside force moved you.

Using Inspired Action to tap into your creative energy, keeping the purpose for your goals fresh and alive, and then taking one inspired action at a time puts you squarely on the “cause” side of the cause and effect equation. You become the cause for the effects – the life – that you’re generating.

Think of it this way. A single bolt of lightning can power your house for an entire month. That is a lot of power, no doubt.

But would you want to rely on that lightning bolt as an energy source? Or would you want to tap into a steady, self-sustaining flow of power that will be there any time you want it?

Back to your goal, or the change that you’ve decided to make. What will it do for you? What are all the personal benefits? How will you feel to have overcome challenges and old limiting beliefs?

Take a break: take a breath, stop pushing and forcing and fighting to make a difference, and give yourself the gift of compassion.

Remember why you started. Remember what is most meaningful. Then think of the next small step that’s available for you to take right now -- that’s an inspired action.

Actions like these, taken one at a time, engage the true magic of the Law of Attraction. Get ready to be amazed.

How well has the law of inspired action worked for you so far?