Think and Grow Rich

Think yourself rich! Use the power of hypnosis to re-wire your mind so that you can naturally think your way to success, money and wealth!

Think and Grow Rich CD Album Cover

This unique hypnosis album is the only one of it's kind in the world! It has been inspired by the classic work on success mindset and wealth creation of the same title (Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich)

In the book, Napoleon Hill analyzed the success and “wealth mindset” of some of the richest and most successful people in the world. He analyzed how they lived their lives, he interviewed and even socialized with them over many years to gain an accurate insight into how their minds worked and how they thought.. essentially he was looking to find out why they were rich!

Through this analysis Napoleon Hill discovered that the rich and wealthy actually share many of the same beliefs and patterns of thinking.

Napoleon then went on to work one on one with people interested to acquire this mindset and so “Think and Grow Rich” was born. Napoleon found he could work with people to transform their beliefs, and that naturally the people he worked with would change their behavior and the way they lived their lives... and ultimately he had a huge success rate in that many of his students became very wealthy, and especially successful in business and in life.

Shortly then Napoleon released his book to the world and people went crazy for it. It was to become known as one of the first and best “law of attraction” or “success mindset” books of it's time, and gained a reputation for not just making people rich, but making people successful in many different ways; from finding success in sports, to academic achievement, and of course success in business.

However, the book was released in 1937, and popular through the 1940s and 1950s... now in modern times it has gained popularity again, but now with Napoleon Hill long dead or for whatever reason, it seems that people are struggling to implement the principles of Think and Grow Rich...

This is Why We Created This Unique Album!

We know that with a little help from hypnosis you can get the result you want from Think and Grow Rich!

This hypnosis recording works in two main ways:

  • To eliminate your doubts and self-sabotaging thoughts. Often there are sabotaging thoughts within our subconscious minds; perhaps a lack of real belief that we can just change our thoughts, and think ourselves rich. It is essential that you fully believe! Once you really KNOW that you can change your thoughts and that these changes will impact upon your life - specifically that you can change your mind in such a way that you become rich and naturally successful - only then you you find yourself making progress, only then will you see your thoughts actually transforming and actually impacting upon your life.
  • To give you the subconscious support you NEED to get real results. Often you might read something, understand it, you will probably even be excited and inspired, but it is not really a part of you, it is not a core part of your belief systems or who you are.. it is just something you have read. This album powerfully pushes the key principles from Think and Grow Rich into your mind. It skips some of the rehearsal and repetition required – repetition which is usually essential for the principles to really sink into your mind and become part of who you are. Instead these powerful key principles from Think and Grow Rich are being implanted into your mind through the effortless, natural power of hypnosis!

It is important to note that this album is NOT a “law of attraction ” based album as such. It is not meant to attract money to you, but to give you the same type of mindset as the rich and successful elite who just naturally make money, setup businesses, and find success in all areas of life.

Develop These Key Beliefs of the Rich and Successful

This album works in several ways so that ultimately your mind will become naturally re-wired with the patterns of thinking shared by these rich and successful people too. You will become:

  • Full of desire: This is the essential first step in aligning your mind to “think rich”. You must have a deep, BURNING desire to be rich and successful. With help from this powerful hypnosis download your thoughts will be totally focused on your goals, you will find yourself thinking about money, about improving and transforming your life and about achieving wealth and success. This is the main trait all rich people have in common, and once you truly acquire it you will become wealthy and successful too!
  • An unstoppable force and a person of action. Finally, you will simply find yourself being action orientated, constantly making decisions, and moving towards your goals. This quick thinking, decision making and then acting on your instincts approach to life will help you to make more progress in less time. Successful people are decision makers, they make up their minds quickly and take immediate action towards their goals. Our hypnosis mp3s will ensure that you do too, so that procrastination, worry, hesitation, will be left in the past and you will take action in the moment, while there is a buzz and excitement, and you will take these feelings with you into all of your projects and you will become much more successful because of it.
  • Completely self confident: Truly successful (and rich) people are all “naturally” self confident. With huge success, and wealth comes a natural sense of confidence, but it doesn't just work one way, confidence feeds success and wealth too. With help from this powerful hypnosis album you will acquire a natural sense of self confidence in yourself and a knowing attitude that you are successful and capable of becoming rich. With this positive, knowing, completely confident attitude it will become a self fulfilling prophecy – you will have no doubts or worries holding you back and you will simply think your way to wealth and success.

Whether you are a fan of the book or even if you haven't read it, this unique hypnosis download will transform your deepest subconscious thoughts and help you to naturally think your way to wealth and success!

What to Expect

This hypnosis session will be a completely unique experience. It will take you on a visual and imaginative journey through your own mind, it will examine, and destroy your current limiting patterns of thinking, and guide you through the process of changing your thoughts forever!

Short Term

This is an album you will experience the after effects of straight away. Even upon finishing the session for the first time, you will feel self confident, you will have belief in yourself that you can change, that it actually is possible for you to become rich and successful, and you will be more motivated and energized than ever before to work towards the success you know you deserve!

Long Term

Over the long term you will actually notice your old patterns of thinking dissolving and disappearing for good. You will naturally, gradually, and permanently transform into someone who's mind is naturally aligned towards becoming successful and rich – you really will start naturally thinking yourself rich!

If you are serious about transforming your mind and your life, then download your copy of this one of a kind Think and Grow Rich hypnosis cd today and energize your mind on a deeper level so that you can naturally “think yourself rich”!