Change Your Beliefs About Money

Change your entire mindset towards money so that you can start earning more money and bring the money you really deserve into your reality!

Change Your Beliefs About Money CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle with money?
  • Are you living from one salary to the next?
  • Do you ever talk negatively to yourself concerning money?
  • Do you ever feel depressed about not knowing where it is coming from next, feeling like you don’t have enough money?
  • Do you feel that you haven’t really done anything to deserve any more money coming to you?
  • Are your limiting beliefs about money holding you back in life?

If you have negative beliefs surrounding money then these change your beliefs about money hypnosis mp3s (a key part of our “money consciousness” range) can help you!

This hypnosis download operates under the principles that the way we think about money; the condition of our “self talk” concerning money, the amount of money that we expect to earn, the amount we think we are capable of earning, and what we think we DESERVE, these factors will have a direct correlation, like a self fulfilling prophecy, on the amount of money you will acquire and earn.

The good news is that the factors are within in you control! These are thoughts, and beliefs within your own mind and with help from this unique hypnosis download you can take control of your mind, directly target these negative, limiting thoughts, and replace them for positive ones which will transform the way you think about money.

You can re-program your mind to think positively about money, and so reverse the negative self fulfilling prophecy you are creating about money!

This album will help you to:

  • Give yourself a strong self belief that you really deserve money. The one big difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich have a solid basic belief that they deserve money, that they should be earning large amounts of money and living a wealthy lifestyle. Aligning your thoughts like this is the vital first step towards changing your attitude towards money, and only then will you start making more money, pushing harder for more money and attracting it into your life.
  • Think positively about money. Switch your patterns of thinking from worrying about money, from thinking negatively about it, from wondering where the next pay-check is coming from, to a mindset where you are positive about money, think optimistically, and you simply know that money will come to you.
  • Change your entire mindset towards money! You will experience your old mindset naturally slipping away, and you will start to think more and more like someone who is wealthy, and in line with principles of the law of attraction; when you think negatively and worry about money you get more of the worry, when you think positively and optimistically, know you deserve money and know that money is coming to you, then it does.

Imagine someone who worries about money, doesn’t think they deserve to be financially abundant, or does not think it is possible for them... compared to someone who thinks positively, is determined to make more money, believes they are worth more, and believes they deserve money...

Which person do you think will be able to earn and attract more money? Which person would you rather be?

Make sure you are the positive person! Change your beliefs about money for the better and bring more money into your life with help from these unique hypnosis mp3s!

What to Expect

This album will make you think about yourself and your attitude towards money long after you finish listening. Like all of our hypnosis audio downloads, it has a cumulative effect in that the more times you listen the more changes you will see in your beliefs about and attitude towards money.

Short Term

Even after the first time listening you will notice the effects. You will feel empowered, and your eyes will be open for the first time to the way you really think about money. You will really see how your negative beliefs are holding you back and stifling your success, yet at the same time you will feel refreshed, positive, and keener than ever to change your beliefs for the better.

Long Term

Over the long term your beliefs surrounding money will naturally change for the better. You will gradually and naturally start to acquire a positive wealth mindset and positive attitude towards money. These changes will have noticeable positive effects on all areas of your life - especially in how hard working you become and how driven you will be to acquire and make more money.

Dramatically change the way you think about money - develop a positive money mindset with this unique hypnosis cd and bring more money into your life!