Speed Reading

Use this powerful speed reading hypnosis download to re-program the way your mind processes information and increase your speed reading rate!

Speed Reading CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle to read large amounts of information, or often find yourself re-reading the same paragraph over and over before you understand it?
  • Do you want to increase the rate at which you can read?
  • Do you want to ensure that you still process, and can recall the information you read?
  • Do you want to increase your reading rate to further your career, or education?

Perhaps you are facing an important essay, or you are revising for your exams and have several thick text books to get through – this can be a daunting task, and sometimes you can sit and stare for hours at your books without really reading or taking much in. Or perhaps you are starting a new job and have a lot of new things to learn all at once and a lot of training materials and documentation. Or perhaps you are trying to get through some personal development books, or business books for personal reasons.

Wouldn't it be good to just be able to sit, read through them QUICKLY, and fully UNDERSTAND them?

This is all possible with help from this unique speed reading hypnosis download. Months of development have gone into this hypnosis program, we didn't want it to be just any speed reading program, but we believe it to be the most comprehensive, mind penetrating hypnosis session in the world - specifically designed to enhance the rate at which you read!

How is it that some people are just naturally able to read and read.. and read. They can read entire books in just a couple of days, and they can remember it all too.

Whereas some of us, (perhaps you too?), have trouble reading, and truly comprehending the information – especially when faced with a mountain of information to get through.

Well, the only real difference is in the way their mind works compared to yours.

Speed reading is a skill, you can improve your speed reading capabilities by developing your mind, and programming it to work differently!

One simple way of doing this is with hypnosis – our speed reading hypnosis mp3s penetrate into your mind and work to:

  • Change the way you read on a core level, and re-wire your mind to work in the same way as these people who “naturally” read quickly. Your mind will work differently, you will take in, process, and record information much more effortlessly and you will find yourself naturally reading much more quickly.
  • Help you to read more words per minute. Rather than reading every single word ahead in your mind, this hypnosis download will help you to scan over the text more naturally so you can read at a faster rate. This is the basis of how all speed reading programs work, only we help you to improve through the power off natural hypnosis.
  • Make sure you read and understand first time. No longer will you have to read, and re-read passages and entire paragraphs, your mind will not wander, but will stay focused on the text you are reading and you will take it in first time.
  • Increase your comprehension, and memory. By hypnotically stimulating your mind this session will also make sure that you can understand, and REMEMBER everything that you read. Not only will you be reading faster, you you will be retaining the information, understanding it, and remembering it fully.

What to Expect

This program is a serious commitment, if you listen regularly, and practice your reading, you will dramatically improve your speed reading rate.

Listening to this album is energizing and empowering. You will feel charged after listening, and you can and should use it before a reading and study session, especially in the beginning.

Short Term

We advise that you use this album before you sit down to read in the beginning. This way the changes and new patterns will be fresh in your mind and you can put them to use straight away and solidify the hypnosis session. You will notice a difference in your levels of focus and comprehension straight away.

Long Term

Over the longer term – perhaps 2-3 weeks of listening – you will really see a permanent improvement in the rate at which you read consistently. Each time you listen to this album your reading rate will improve, but you don't have to listen to this album forever. After a few weeks you will experience a lasting change!

Download our speed reading hypnosis cd today and dramatically improve the rate at which you read, as well as your comprehension and ability to remember what you have read.. naturally!