Increase IQ

Increase your IQ and expand your mind with help from our powerful hypnosis mp3s!

Increase IQ CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to increase your IQ?
  • Do you want to expand your mind?
  • Do you need to score highly on an upcoming IQ test?
  • Do you want to enhance your critical mind, increase your ability to think strategically and problem solve?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above then our simple, powerful increase IQ hypnosis download can help you.

If you are able to increase your IQ the benefits actually go well beyond simply being able to score higher on an IQ test.

When you work on increasing your IQ, you are actually increasing a core type of intelligence which will spill over into all areas of your life and benefit you massively!

This is because IQ is a very accurate indication of your ability to think critically, strategically and logically, your ability to reason and solve problems, to analyse patterns, and simply your ability to think quickly and even work under pressure.

You can see that these are all key skills which if you could increase your competency in these areas would enhance your life in many ways - from increasing your ability to learn and take in new information, to improving your potential and what you get out of school and education, or even helping you in business and helping you go go further in your career.

Well, that is exactly what this album will help you to do. It is possible to increase your IQ by stimulating and training your mind, and one simple way of doing this is with the power of hypnosis.

Our hypnosis audio album will help you in several simple ways, by:

  • Stimulating the areas of the brain which are responsible for allowing you to critically think (both creatively and strategically): The way you think take in, and process information will gradually and naturally change. You will become a natural critical thinker and have the ability to see things from different angles and think creatively like never before.
  • Increasing your ability to analyse patterns, reason, and problem solve. You will gain an increased ability to see patterns in data and circumstances, and because of this you will find yourself making rational, sound predictions and assumptions and find yourself coming to solutions much more naturally and effortlessly.
  • Clearing your mind, helping you to focus, and stimulating your mind. A clear mind will help you to see things as they really are, to be able to rationally and clearly think, and to help combat stress and pressure – keeping you at a healthy, level and balanced mental state at all times.

What to Expect

This album sends subtle yet powerful hypnotic suggestions straight into your subconscious mind. While we wouldn't describe listening to this album as an intense experience by any means, still, after listening you will feel as if your mind has had a workout... because it has!

Short Term

Over the short term the first thing you will notice is increase mental clarity and mental processing capability. You will be able to think quicker, and process information more efficiently.

Long Term

Over the long term your intelligence and your IQ will gradually increase. You will be able to think more logically, more critically, and more rationally. You will find yourself easier able to solve problems and to analyse patterns, information, and data, and you will also see your IQ test scores increasing each time you take a test.

Download your copy of our increase IQ hypnosis cd and enhance your mind, intelligence, and IQ from the inside-out!