Increase Creativity

Increase your creativity by re-wiring the way your mind works with this natural hypnosis download!

Increase Creativity CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle with creativity?
  • Do you wish you could think outside of the box and problem solve?
  • Do you want to bring more creativity and originality into your artistic pursuits?
  • Do you wonder how some people can put pen or brush to paper and make highly creative, spontaneous works, while you can sit for hours with a creative mental block or struggle with originality?

Some people just seem to be naturally creative, “gifted” people. They are artistic, and spontaneous, and effortlessly think up new ideas, stories, or have a different way of looking at life's problems and challenges and seem to naturally find solutions.

It is often thought that creativity is a gift – something you are either born with or without, and worse still that creatively can't be taught, learnt or acquired.

Well, actually, nothing could be further from the truth. You can improve your creativity, you can become more creative, spontaneous, and full of creative, different ideas too.

The only difference between yourself and these “naturally creative people” is in the way your mind works. This is how hypnosis can help. Our increase creativity hypnosis mp3 penetrates into your mind to re-wire the way you process information and think. It will eliminate the blockages and negative patterns of thinking which are holding your creativity back, and replace them with the sorts of beliefs, patterns of thinking, and behavior patterns which are shared by these “naturally creative people”.

This means that you will start thinking and acting like these naturally creative people, that you will acquire the exact type of mindset which makes people creative, and you too will find your creativity increasing rapidly.

This album will re-wire you from the inside out and make you more:

  • Creative: The primary aim of this album is to stimulate your mind to think more creatively; to stimulate your mind, and re-wire your patterns of thinking so that you become naturally creative in all areas of your life.
  • Artistic: You will be able to apply your increased creativity into artistic pursuits such as drawing, sketching, design and paining.
  • Expressive: You will be able to express your thoughts and describe your feelings and put your thoughts into words much better than ever before. This also means that you won't suffer from mental blockages such as writers block, or a lack of originality or expression.
  • Analytic: You will have an increased ability to analyse life, to analyse your problems and the challenges you face. You will find yourself just thinking differently, more creatively, and more efficiently.
  • Solution Orientated: You will become a much more natural problem solver. You will start thinking “outside of the box”, yet at the same time be able to think strategically and critically. You will look at life and your problems from all sides and different perspectives and gain a much increased ability to find positive solutions.

What to Expect

Listening to this album is an enjoyable experience. Set aside 30 minutes and expect to be taken on a journey through your own mind as our hypnotist Brennan explores and stimulates your creative mind.

Short Term

You will see some results soon after listening to this album. With just one or two sessions you will typically feel the need to express yourself, to share your thoughts, and to find an outlet for your creativity.

Long Term

Over the long term you will find yourself naturally transforming into someone who just thinks creatively quite naturally. You will look at life differently, you will think differently, and you will find yourself living a much more expressive, artistic, and creative lifestyle.

Bring out your creative side today with your copy of this powerful increase creativity hypnosis cd!