Self Belief

Gain an inner core of rock solid self belief in yourself - an unshakable faith in yourself that you can achieve anything you set your mind to with help from this powerful self belief hypnosis download!

Self Belief CD Album Cover
  • Do you lack a basic level of self belief which is holding you back?
  • Do other people ever give you compliments (perhaps that you are intelligent, or beautiful) but you just can’t truly believe it?
  • Do you wish you had the outgoing confidence to pursue your dreams which goes hand in hand with a firm belief in yourself and your talents?

One characteristic which is shared by the super successful, whether in business or sports, or any area of life is a deep, unshakable belief in themselves.

It is often said that you have to “be it before you do it”... this means that you need to think as if you have already succeeded, and that you must have a rock solid belief in your skills and your abilities while you are still pursuing your goals.

Stephen Spielberg thought like this when he was just starting out.. he hadn’t even directed a movie yet, but he bought a trailer on the Universal Studies grounds and put a label on his door saying “Director”. Pete Sampras, the 7 time world tennis champion said that the first time he won the Wimbledon world tennis championship he felt really happy, but that it felt natural, and normal that he should be the champion, because he felt like a champion already, told himself repeatedly that he was the best in the world, and had visualized himself winning the world title thousands of times before he actually did.

There are 1000s of examples of people like this, people who had a dream and managed to achieve massive success in their lives due to an unshakable, almost delusional (until they proved themselves to the world) belief in themselves and that they would reach their dreams.

This self belief hypnosis mp3 works to instill within you a rock solid sense of self belief, so that you too can achieve your dreams in life and live the life you really want to. This album will:

  • Eliminate any self doubts from your mind. As soon as any doubts start to enter your thoughts you will “switch them off” and reaffirm your positive belief in yourself.
  • Keep you positive; you will stay positive at all times and in all situations. Where other people would take criticism to heart, or be set back by bad news or difficult circumstances, you, instead, will look to the positive - you will think about what you can learn from every experience and how you can grow, but most of all you will stay positive about yourself and keep your faith and belief in your own skills and abilities.
  • Guide you to visualize your success; more than ever you will be able to see yourself in full colour, moving picture and surround sound - you will see your future self achieving your goals and reaching the success you crave. This solid visualization is important as it will take your goals from simply wishes and dreams and make them seem real, and gives you a rock solid belief in yourself and your ability to reach them.
  • Push you to go all out to achieve your dreams; you will be more motivated and driven by your new sense of self belief more than ever before - you will be excited and drive yourself on towards success.

What to Expect

This album is a powerful and potentially life changing experience - if you really want it. Brennan, your personal hypnotist will take you deep within your subconscious mind and explore your self beliefs with you, before turning them upside down and instilling within you a winning, positive mental attitude and the sort of self beliefs which are shared by champions!

Short Term

This album will bring you benefits straight away. You will finish the session feeling super charged and positive about your future. You will feel more confident about yourself, and start noticing more of your good qualities and forgetting about the rest.

Long Term

After several sessions you will start to notice the changes stacking up - you will grow more and more self confident every time, and you will start to acquire the winning, burning self confidence and self belief which will propel you through life like never before.

Download this self belief hypnosis cd today to, and acquire the sort of positive self beliefs which are shared by the hugely successful in life!