Improve Self Esteem

Dramatically improve your self image and self esteem - transform your mind and how you feel about yourself with this unique hypnosis album!

Improve Self Esteem CD Album Cover
  • Do you have a low self opinion?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people, trying to prove yourself to them, but often find yourself feeling inferior to them?
  • Is your lack of self esteem and self worth limiting your enjoyment of life?
  • Is your low self esteem holding you back and stopping you from achieving the success you DESERVE in life?

Having a natural, healthy, abundant sense of self esteem is critical to both your happiness and success in life, however if you suffer from low self esteem then these feelings have probably been built up gradually over several years - they can seem a real solid part of who you are, and as if they will never change.

This doesn’t have to be the case - our self esteem hypnosis mp3 sends hypnotic suggestions deep into your mind where they make simple, subtle changes to the way your mind works - changes to the way you think about yourself.

These subtle changes, when targeted at your mind in the right way can make dramatic changes to the way you see yourself, and to your self esteem. This album will change you in several ways:

  • You will start to see yourself differently. You will see the positives in your personality, you will appreciate your talents and abilities and recognize all the things you are good at and enjoy in life. This will lead you to get so much more out of life and everything you do.
  • You will start to naturally project a warm, modest, smiling sense of confidence in everything you do and every action you take. Rather than re-acting to life out of fear, worry, and self doubt, you will be pro-active and every action you take will come from a sense of subtle, natural self confidence.
  • You will take a more light-hearted view of yourself. You will simply accept yourself for who you are - seeing your limitations just openly instead of negatively. You will realize deep inside of you that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that you are no better or worse off than anyone else - you are just different. This new view of yourself will ignite a desire within you to make the most out of everything you have, to achieve everything you can.
  • Your focus in life will change. Instead of dwelling on the past you will begin to accept it and everything which has happened to you. You will be able to let go. Instead you will be focused on both the present moment, and the future - with a new optimistic attitude and love for yourself. You will feel excited about all of the possibilities which are open to you right now, and all of the good experiences you will have in the future.
  • You will be much less concerned with other people’s opinions of you. Your self image will not be built by other people anymore. Instead of measuring yourself against other people, or even taking their negative feedback to heart and letting it shape your personality, instead you will start to build your sense of self esteem yourself - based on your positive opinions of yourself and of your abilities. Ultimately, rather than coming from external sources, your self esteem will develop from the inside and be completely under your control.

What to Expect

Hypnosis is a very subjective experience, however, typically you will feel very relaxed, perhaps even a little “sleepy” while you listen, and you might not remember everything which is spoken to you. However, after listening you will return to normal, feel totally refreshed and you will be totally alert.

Short Term

The early changes you might experience from this album will be quite subtle, you will feel calm, and quietly confident after listening a few times, and you will start to think differently about yourself - to recognize your positive qualities, and to think more positively about your life and your future.

Long Term

This album works best when listened to consistently over the space of a few weeks. Over this time period and beyond you will gradually feel more and more comfortable with yourself. Ultimately this feeling will come naturally and be with you at all times. You will develop a natural, ego-less sense of self esteem and naturally carry an air of confidence into everything you do and all areas of your life.

Download this powerful self esteem hypnosis CD today to make a deep and lasting change within your mind, and throughout your entire life!