Improve Voice Projection

Improve your voice projection and become more confident and authoritative with help from this natural hypnosis download!

Improve Voice Projection CD Album Cover
  • Do you have a weak voice?
  • Do you struggle to be heard in loud venues?
  • Do you struggle to project your voice in social settings and end up being overlooked, or even ignored?
  • Do you want to develop a more powerful voice and the authority that comes with it?

If you struggle to speak up, or just think you are “naturally” softly spoken then our voice projection hypnosis mp3s can help you.

Voice projection is a part skill-set, and part habit, and like anything else these skills can be acquired and learnt.

Just as an actor would LEARN to project their voice and take greater control of it, you can too, and this hypnosis album will help you to do so by instilling within you naturally some of the critical habits required for successful, proper voice projection.

This album works in two simple ways:

  • To make you more aware of your voice, and conscious of when you are using it properly. This simple awareness will re-focus your mind on your voice and you will constantly find yourself adjusting and “speaking properly”. You will keep correcting your posture, and your breathing, and open up your chest for your voice to come from your diaphragm deep within your chest (rather than your mouth or your throat).
  • When you are under hypnosis listening to this session you will actually be guided inside your own body, you will visualize your voice within your body, and visualise your chest and your diaphragm opening up and projecting your voice from this area. Gradually you will be subconsciously training yourself to speak from your diaphragm and to project your vice properly.

With an increased vocal power and better voice projection come many benefits - mainly that you will seem more confident, self assured, and authoritative. These qualities will help you socially, and help you in your work and career - people will look up to you, and they will have trust in you and confidence that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your field, and because of this you will be able to advance through life and “up the career ladder” more effortlessly.

What to Expect

Listening to this album is a fun, yet calming experience. You will journey through your own body and be hypnotically trained how to increase your voice projection.

Short Term

Over the short term you will simply become more and more aware of how you are speaking, your posture and if you are speaking correctly. With this increased awareness you will start to correct yourself more and more.

Long Term

Over the longer term you will notice your voice getting stronger and stronger naturally, and also your ability to project your voice at will; to be able to talk over other people, over music, and be heard over other background noise. You will gradually become stronger and stronger, and in turn appear (and of course actually become) more authoritative and confident.

Download this voice projection hypnosis cd today to get a helping hand to acquire the powerful, authoritative voice which will give you an advantage in life!