Sales Success Mindset

Gain the mindset of super successful sales person - improve your sales figures, make more money and advance faster in your career with this focused hypnosis mp3.

Sales Success Mindset CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to become naturally talented in selling and marketing?
  • Are you inconsistent with your monthly sales?
  • Perhaps you are good at some elements of the sales process but lack in others?
  • Do you want to stay positive, focused, and driven and always keep a solid "closing mentality"?
  • Do you want to advance your career by becoming a sales top performer?

When you are learning to sell it can seem like the most difficult, the most "up-down" emotional ride in the world... some days you can start out super positive, you can be on top of the world and in a really good mental state... but at other times you can be so emotionally down, frustrated and tired.. Sales requires constant focus and very often include a lot of rejection and long days.

However, it really can all be worth it. A career in sales and marketing is one of the toughest, but also potentially the most rewarding (and most useful business skill you can acquire!). This up and down, yo-yo of success and emotion (and money!) doesn't need to last forever, sales is a skill that you can acquire - you can improve your ability to sell, you can become more balanced and you can simply become more consistent and successful on a regular basis.

And this is why we have designed this focused hypnosis session, to make you enjoy sales, improve your sales ability, to make you more balanced, more consistent, and more successful - all by developing the "sales success mindset" i.e. the type of mindset and thinking patterns which are shared by the super successful in sales - those people who sell all day long, consistently, and become the top performers and commission earners in their field.

You too can become a top earner, make more sales and more commission than ever before, and this hypnosis session can help you to accelerate your sales skills faster than ever! Here is how it helps and the mindset and characteristics you will acquire from this program, you will:

  • Always be positive. You will start your day positive, and you will be focused on being positive and thinking positively at all times. When you start doing this and negativity is eliminated from your thoughts then you will transform the way you sell and the level of success and sales numbers you see.
  • Enjoy selling. You will start to enjoy selling more and more - and as you close more sales you will enjoy it more - and thus make even more sales! This positive spiral of being happy and enjoying your work is the real key to success, in the end you will simply love everything about the sales process and your job and simply enjoy the process without being outcome dependent.
  • Become more confident when speaking to people both in person and on the phone. Confidence is sales 101, when you are confident inside, you project it outwards, your customer can feel your confidence and in turn puts confidence in you, and you will sell at a higher rate.
  • Overcome rejection naturally and always be balanced and calm emotionally. A balance of mind, of your thought patterns and of your emotions is essential in sales. When you are in full control of your mind then you will see much more success in your sales career. You will simply do your sales process from a position of calm and balance no matter what rejection or obstacles you encounter. You will believe in yourself and just carry on no matter what happens.
  • Acquire a "closers mindset". Really successful salespeople are natural closers - they are always moving towards the close, always acquiring "yeses" from the client, always getting agreement and mini closes - and they have no fear of pushing for the big final close. Any hesitation or lack of confidence can be damaging, and you will put this behind you and acquire the natural closing mindset too.
  • Simply become more consistent. You will make more sales, more often, you will find balance and always be making progress, you will stop having such big highs and lows and emotional and actual swings - you will simply carry out your day and sell consistently, at a high volume.

What to Expect

Hypnosis helps you contact your unconscious mind and use this to change character and personality traits that you wish to modify. Through the entire session you will hear a soothing voice of out hypnotherapist guiding you from relaxation to subtle suggestions that will depict vivid and exciting images in your mind. After the session you will feel deeply relaxed but energized and motivated to succeed in your sales career.

Short Term

Initially after listening to this album, you will begin to feel much more focused, more positive, and more confident. You will begin to notice small differences such as getting less frustrated when rejected and being able to speak to people in a much more natural way.

Long Term

If used in a much more consistent and long term way, this album can have surprising effects on your sales career. You will begin to feel confident in any situation with a client and will be able to remain calm and assertive, even if they are rude to you. Ultimately your actual sales skills will improve, you will close more, you will become more consistent and you will make more money and advance in your career!

Transform your career - acquire the mindset of a natural salesperson, make more money, and achieve more success with this powerful and unique hypnosis cd.