Cold Calling Mindset

Develop the mindset required for success in cold calling and sales - stay positive, driven and focused to close more sales and make more commission!

Cold Calling Mindset CD Album Cover
  • Are you ambitious to succeed but find cold calling tough / hit and miss, or only see inconsistent results?
  • Do you find it difficult to stay positive every time you are rejected when making a call?
  • Do you lack often enthusiasm or find yourself procrastinating or making excuses by the end of the day?
  • Do you wish you could see your job as a numbers game rather than taking every rejection to heart?
  • Do you want to acquire the cold calling mindset to enhance your sales skills, and make more money?

Cold calling sales positions are the toughest in the world - it can be a battlefield - the gatekeepers to get past, the objections to handle, the rejection to overcome, the pressure to meet targets.. It can also be mentally, physically and emotionally draining; the high percentages of people treating you with disrespect, ignoring your calls, becoming angry with you or just simply saying “no”...

However, IF you can master the skill-set (and it is a skill-set, cold calling, and sales - is something that you can learn and improve at) then it is an extremely beneficial life-skill, and can be an amazingly rewarding and high paying career - some of the highest paid people in the USA are in sales and cold calling positions.

The main thing that holds you back isn't on the outside - i.e. it isn't the being rejected - it is how you react to this, how you handle it... it all comes down to your internal mental state. If you can control your emotions, stay positive, stay balanced, stay productive and focused, all the while navigating the battlefield of objections and rejection - then you can master sales, make a LOT of money, and enjoy an interesting and high-flying career progression!

And we are super excited to help you to do this - through the power of hypnosis. This is how our album works; to give you the foundation for success - the mindset and patterns of thinking needed to succeed... the mindset which is shared by the top cold calling sales people in the world!

Here's how this album will help, you will:

  • Stay positive at ALL times. All negative comments, obstacles and rejection will become much easier to let go of and be replaced by more positive and motivational thoughts. You will simply stay positive and "wipe the slate clean" after each call and start a new call fresh.
  • Realize that cold calling is simply just a numbers game. You will stop being attached to each call and become objective and rational and simply keep progressing and dialing the next client. You won't take anything personally.
  • Gain immunity to rejection. The core of this program will reinforce deeply within you how little rejection means to you, in the end you will develop super thick skin, a hardened layer towards rejection that just can not be penetrated! And because of this you will see much more success in your day to day sales figures!
  • Enjoy cold calling. You will truly start to love your job more and more - you will treat it like a game, you will love improving yourself, you will love the challenge of a hard sale, you will get excited and driven from the pressure - you will simply start to love what you do, and because you are happy and positive, this will improve your sales stats... which will help you to love it even more.. and again improve your sales stats and help you to make more money!
  • Become much more consistent. Ultimately you will simply become consistent due to your balanced emotional state and degree of control over yourself. Your highs and lows will balance out and you will become more strategic, consistent and successful in your day - you will hit your numbers and regularly smash your sales targets and you will start making more and more commission and money!

What to Expect

This session will take you on a deeply relaxing journey to examine your thoughts and feelings about your cold calling and your career - it aims to change the way you see yourself, the way you see your position, and how you actually handle and deal with things like rejection, obstacles to the sale, how you are able to stay positive, and will help you to acquire and improve your sales skills.

Short Term

Initially, after listening to the hypnosis album you will begin to feel much more positive and happier with your cold calling. You will begin to see more signs of perseverance, you will feel more self confident and positive, and generally much more emotionally balanced and in control.

Long Term

When the album is incorporated into your routine and becomes part of your daily life, this is when most changes will be noticed by you and others around you. Your perseverance will become better than ever and your confidence when dealing with cold calling will reach its peak. You will gain immunity to rejection and be prepared to take on anything you have to deal with in your job. Most importantly, you will become much happier with your career, you will start making more money, and you will look forwards to an exciting future as a top salesperson!

Acquire the cold calling mindset today, become the best you truly can be and make more money than ever before with this life changing hypnosis cd!