Fear of Public Speaking

Get over your fear of public speaking with this powerful hypnosis download - re-wire your mind to eliminate your nerves and speak with a confidence you didn’t know you were capable of!

Fear of Public Speaking CD Album Cover
  • Does the thought of having to give a speech or presentation send shivers down your spine?
  • Do you have to give presentations regularly but dread them each time?
  • Do you get nervous, stutter, forget your words, miss parts of your speech out, or start sweating when you have to speak?
  • Is your lack of public speaking skills holding you back in life?

Perhaps you dread the thought of public speaking, losing sleep over it, and having the event constantly play through in your mind for weeks before the event. You may even play the forthcoming occasion over and over in your mind, making yourself worse, imagining all the eyes on you, imaging how isolated, on display, and nervous you will feel, even imaging yourself sweating and stuttering through your speech and actually feeling the embarrassment you will feel...

You already know that it is all in your mind - this is how some people are naturally able to speak, in-fact some people really enjoy speaking and get a lot out of it, and they all share common beliefs and thoughts about it, as do people who like it.

These people who like public speaking will play the event much more positively in advance - they will be looking forward to the attention, they will imagine themselves standing on stage at the or at the front of a group of people and feeling confident, in control, prepared. They will feel the excitement, and look forward to the buzz they know they will get from it.

This difference in mindset between your thoughts about public speaking and someone who enjoys it is huge, and it is no wonder that thinking in these different ways will produce a massively different experience of speaking.

There is good news - you can change! You can become the person who thinks positively about speaking too (and therefore enjoys it, and is good at it) with help from our fear of public speaking hypnosis mp3s.

This hypnosis download works in a very simple way - to penetrate into your mind, to target and eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs you have associated towards public speaking and to instill within you the exact same beliefs as someone who is good at public speaking, someone who enjoys it and even looks forward to it.

This hypnosis download will help you to:

  • Be calmer before hand. Instead of worrying for weeks on end and losing sleep the night before you will be much more calm and much more confident. You will stop over exaggerating and building the event up in your mind and you will be 10x calmer going in.
  • Be more relaxed while speaking. This album will also help you to visualize yourself speaking, how calm you feel, how relaxed you are, and these feelings will follow you into the reality of speaking. You will actually be calmer while you speak.
  • Reduce and eliminate your nervous reactions. You will stop fidgeting, sweating, and stuttering. Losing these bad habits will help massively, as you relax more you will stop sweating and stuttering, and as you do so you will relax even more, and so on - naturally becoming completely in control of both your mind and your body.
  • ENJOY speaking! Ultimately this album works to change your entire outlook towards public speaking. Ultimately you will become the person who looks forward to speaking, enjoys the challenge, enjoys the attention, looks at is as an opportunity to grow, and just enjoys the actual act of speaking in-front of an audience. Once you have this mindset then your worries and fears will just melt away and you will be a completely different person.

Use this hypnosis album to become the natural speaker you would love to be, and enjoy the benefits which come along with it - improved perception of your confidence, leadership skills, and increased respect from your peers. Public speaking is a skill which will help you to get ahead in your life, and your career, and a skill which you can acquire today, with help from our hypnosis audio.

What to Expect

Hypnosis has always been a highly effective way of treating public speaking phobia, and this hypnosis cd will let you do exactly this, in the comfort of your own home. You can use it as and when you need it to instantly calm yourself down and boost your confidence, or with longer term use your beliefs, outlook and entire approach to public speaking will be transformed.

Short Term

If you have an impending speech to give then you can use this album in the days before it, even right before it and benefit from reduced nerves, and worries and start to feel much calmer and much more confident straight away.

Long Term

Over the long term this hypnosis audio cd will transform your approach to public speaking. You will become someone who simply speaks without worry, panic, or hesitation. Speaking will come naturally to you, and you will actually enjoy it!

Download your copy of this public speaking phobia hypnosis cd today and eliminate your fears naturally - forever!