Let Go Of The Past

Let go of the past, start living your life to the full now, and look forward to a bright, happy future with help from this mind penetrating hypnosis download!

Let Go Of The Past CD Album Cover
  • Do you live in the past?
  • Are you struggling to move on through past traumas and troubles?
  • Did you have a difficult childhood which has set the course for the rest of your life?
  • Are you struggling to get over bullying, or unfair treatment and can't seem to move on because of a low self opinion or sense of self-worth?
  • Perhaps you are haunted by some of the things you have done in the past.. perhaps you desperately want to change and move on with your life but you just can't forget (or forgive) yourself?

Warning: Listening to this album can be a transformational, deep and emotional experience!

We are the sum of all of our experiences to a large extent. The past has made you who you are today – how you were brought up, the experiences you shared, the things you have done. This is the same for all of us, and can be a very positive thing.

However, if you have had a hard time growing up, or experienced trauma, heartbreak, the passing of loved ones, or perhaps you are just living with regrets over how you have previously lived your life... then these negative life experiences, of course, have a large influence who you are and how you live your life too.

However, this doesn't have to be the case!

We are resilient beings, we have great strength within us, and we are able to change and adapt, it is just that sometimes we get stuck in a pattern of thinking, or a routine, and we don't actually know how to change.

If you really want to change then you have to do something differently. You have to be able to analyse your past differently, to see things from a different perspective, and to make physical changes in your daily life and routine.

This is how our hypnosis will help you. You can struggle by yourself, thinking things over and over the same way as you have for years... or you can inject a different way of thinking, and use the power of hypnosis to explore, and HEAL your mind. This hypnosis mp3 works in 3 simple ways to help you:

  • Firstly it will help you to think differently about your past. Instead of thinking of your past and feeling the hurt, the pain, the frustration, the negative, low feelings... you will start to look back more impartially. You will simply start to accept what has happened, accept that you can't change it, and as you continue to use the album you will feel more and more impartial and be able to think about your past without conjuring up all the old negative feelings. This acceptance of the past is the vital first step. Once you can do this, and accept what has happened to you, only then will you be able to re-build, move on and start off in a new direction towards a brighter future.
  • Secondly, this album will help to focus your mind on the now, to help you to live in the present moment. Yes it is important to be able to look back impartially and accept.. but once you can, then it is even more important to live your life NOW, in the present moment. This album will help you to exactly this. You will live your life now, without constantly thinking of the past, and without letting your past limit you and hold you back.You will be much more emotionally free to live your life how you really want to!
  • Finally, this hypnosis session will re-wire the way you instinctively think. Right now you probably live your life thinking of your past and relating this to your present circumstances. Rather than living like this you will instead look to the future. You will live in “the now” and rather than relating what you are doing and the experiences you are having to your past, you will instead think about how you are going to live in the future – the positive experiences you will have and how you life is constantly improving and will continue to do so.

Instead of worrying and getting upset about the past and trying to move away from it, you will instead be excited about the future and focused on making the most of your life and moving towards a brighter future.

It is easy to see that by changing you thinking in this way... changing the way you see the past, the present, and how you view your future... that you can actually let go of the past and change your life. This simple yet powerful hypnosis album will give you an advantage and a helping hand to do exactly this.

What to Expect

At every stage of this album, whether exploring your past and helping you to see it differently, or re-wiring the way you live your life and how you think about your future, this album will be constantly re-building your feelings of self of self esteem and self worth.

Listening to this album can be an emotional experience but after each session you will feel more confident, you will have more self respect, feel more self worth for yourself, and grow a natural, unconditional love for yourself which will change the way you see yourself and the way you live your life.

Short Term

You will notice results from listening to this album straight away. For some people the first few sessions will actually be the strongest as you will be hypnotically led to examine yourself and your life in a way you may never have before.

You will finish your first session feeling refreshed, and positive, and you will have a greater understanding of yourself and your mind.

Long Term

As you keep listening you will grow and grow., Your self esteem and feelings of self worth will grow and grow. You will start to value yourself simply for who you are, and you will grow to love yourself like you never have before.

Over the long term this album will inspire lasting changes within your mind which will change the way you see yourself, the way you think, and the way you live your life – for the better!

Download your copy of this hypnosis cd to let go of your past and build a self loving, positive mindset towards a much brighter future today!