Forgive Someone Else

Stop holding on to grudges - learn to forgive others and move on with your life with help from this transformational hypnosis audio album.

Forgive Someone Else CD Album Cover
  • Did someone hurt you so bad you can't forget it?
  • Do you often think about repaying them, about how you could hurt them back?
  • Do you get frustrated and angry when someone says something nice about people who did you wrong?
  • Do you ever have the feeling that you've put your life on hold because you're obsessively thinking about the past?
  • Do you want to be able to forgive those who did you wrong, to make peace with them in your mind and to get back your life and your peace of mind?

You were wronged, you want justice and you're obsessively thinking about it. Perhaps an ex cheated on you, perhaps your parents haven't done the best job in the world, perhaps your business partner was working behind your back... It's tough to let go of the negative feelings towards these people, but the longer you hold on to the past, the longer it takes to move forward.

In order to let it go and forgive the people who wronged you you need to stop obsessing over them and over what they did. By constantly reminding yourself of their sins you're only strengthening their presence in your mind and enhancing the thinking pattern that keeps you in the loop and holds you back in life - so you need to break the circle, and you can efficiently do it through hypnosis.

Hypnosis works by stimulating your subconscious to change the unwanted thinking patterns and to create the new ones - it can help you to remove your focus from the bad situations and people who have caused them, and to change the way you perceive them.

It can really make yourself accept what they did and make peace with it in your mind so that you gain peace of soul and become able to move forward.

This hypnosis album was designed to help you to:

  • Break the patterns that keep bringing you back to the bad things people did to you. Your mind has conditioned itself to go back to what has hurt you and to re-live it. Hypnosis will affect your subconscious in such a way that these patterns will become weaker with time, until eventually they reach the minimum or disappear completely. You will no longer be obsessed by what happened and you'll be free to look to the future, instead of living in the past.
  • Become emotionally detached from the past. You will finally be able to accept what happened and to put it to rest. You will deeply understand that what happened in the past belongs to the past, and it will no longer influence how you feel about the people involved. You will be able to remember what happened without feeling frustrated by it.
  • Get your life back. Hypnosis will help you to open yourself more to the future, to be more constructive in your life, to focus on creating and achieving new life goals and to get a positive outlook on the things ahead of you. Past will no longer hold you hostage and you will be able to use your energy for something that will make you happy and prosperous.

What to Expect

This is an extremely relaxing album that will help you to confront in your mind with people in your past without being disturbed by them. You will be taken on a visual journey that will help you to resolve your inner issues with these people and to make peace with them.

Short Term

Even after the first few sessions you will discover that your anger towards those who did you wrong dissolves. You won't be as frustrated about them as you used to be and you will generally feel much more calm in your everyday life. You will also notice that you're more focused on the future and more enthusiastic about making new plans and achieving new goals.

Long Term

Over the long term this album will help you to release all negative emotions related to what people did you in the past and to detach yourself from it. You will notice how you're thinking about what they did less and less, and you will even be able to accept them back in your life. They will have no power over you - you will be focused on the future and you will be using your forces in a much more constructive way.

Don't be a hostage to your past and people who did you wrong - download this album now and start working your way to forgiving them so that you can live a live free from frustration and anger!