Be Funny

Rewire your mind and become naturally funny with this unique hypnosis download!

Be Funny CD Album Cover
  • Do you wish you could entertain people, and have the natural ability to make people laugh at will?
  • Do you often get accused of taking life too seriously and need to lighten up?
  • Do you want to develop the mindset and characteristics of someone who is naturally witty, sharp, and always has something funny to say?
  • Perhaps you dream of becoming a professional comedian?

If you want to become funnier, and at the same time, lighten up, take yourself less seriously and start enjoying life more then this hypnosis mp3 will help you.

Some people seem naturally blessed with the ability to entertain others - to make them smile, laugh and enjoy themselves. You may look on at these people and wonder at such a gift, and imagine what it would be like to have this ability for yourself - to have people captivated by your stories, hanging on your words, to be popular, in demand, and have people naturally drawn towards you.

Well, all of this is possible. The only difference between yourself and these “naturally funny” people is in their mindset, beliefs, and patterns of thinking, i.e. in the way they view themselves and the world around them.

Funny people share similar patterns of thinking, and primarily, this our be funny hypnosis download works to instill within you these exact same types of beliefs and common patterns of thinking - with help from this album you will:

  • Take yourself less seriously, and life less seriously. You will develop a sense of humor about things, you will be able to laugh at yourself, and take a light hearted look at the world, at your troubles and at life situations you find yourself in.
  • Start looking at the world with a comedian’s mind. You will look for the joke in a tough situation, you will see the funny side, even of negative scenarios you see and find yourself in. You will develop a much more “situational sense of humor”.
  • Develop sharper and quicker sense of humor. You will think quicker, you will always have come back, and be able to think up “one liners” and quick jokes on the spot - you will always find yorself with something funny to say.

Ultimately this album will help you to sharpen your “comedian’s mind” and sense of humor, and eventually you will be entertaining people naturally, having friends, family, and new acquaintances hanging on your every word.

What to Expect

Depending upon your natural learning style you may or may not remember everything which is said to you, however you will relax deeply while listening to this album. You will enjoy the experience as you journey through your mind, re-wiring your self beliefs and self perceptions naturally.

Short Term

Over the short term you will notice yourself thinking differently, in everyday life, and even in tough situations. You will be looking for the joke, looking for the light side of the situation. You will find yourself thinking more positively, and putting a positive spin on life.

Long Term

Over the long term you will develop the qualities and characteristics shared by comedians and naturally funny people. Your mind will start to work differently, and you will start to become a natural entertainer and much more confident - you will become someone who has a different, humorous view of the world, you will always have something funny to say, and you will find people laughing with you, and being drawn towards you much more because of this.

Download your copy of our be funny hypnosis cd today and become the funny, naturally charismatic and quick thinking person you have always wanted to be!