The Law of Allowing

You’re ready to create positive change. You’ve identified what you don’t want. Knowing what you don’t want illuminated What you do want. You are clear, or getting clear, on the most personal and powerful Why(s) that will keep you taking the next Inspired Action.

Read about inspired action and your Why(s), What(s) and How(s) here.

Inspired Actions yield results. Results give you feedback (letting you know which steps move you closer to your What and which steps are counter-productive). The next steps you take are more informed, more confident.

So where does the Law of Allowing fit in?


Leave aside judgment, blame, expectations, all that stuff. Things in your life…people, circumstances, and you - especially you… let them be just as they are. No resistance. Nothing to change. Allow people, circumstances and you to simply be. No right, no wrong. No good, no bad. Detach. Be free.

Being free, you can decide what is yours to change, what to let go, what to embrace. What makes you happy? What do you really deserve? Be open to all possibilities, however trivial or exotic they may be.

This is your starting place. And your starting over place. Your letting go of failure and disappointment place. Your new beginnings birthplace.

Let’s look at some examples of how this plays out in real life.

The Law of Allowing has a lot to do with avoiding a Law of Attraction classic blunder that involves creating affirmations like, "I am in a loving relationship... with Jack Sparrow” (or your next door neighbor, or any other specific individual).

The Law of Allowing says to...

  • hold a vision of how you feel when you're in a loving relationship, and a vision of the qualities that you appreciate in the gender of your choice, and a vision for the life you enjoy now as a result of the love you get to give and receive...
  • and then stay wide open to all the tiny clues of evidence all around you, guiding you toward that which you're attracting...
  • which could be Jack, could be his cousin Jim, or could be a stranger you meet at a bus stop who happens to have all the qualities you've been looking for.

Another classic example is, "I am a best-selling novelist."  Then the person writes one book, and works and works and works and works to force it to be a best-seller. 

Best-selling novelists will tell you that each book they write gets better and better as they develop their voice and their process, and that relationships with publishers come because a writer is always sharing his or her vision with people, building a network that eventually introduces them to the publisher who will champion the novel.

This is engaging in the flow. This is holding a clear vision of the What, and then allowing Life to provide the How over the course of time.

You, as the person who is attracting your vision, hold that vision with clarity and emotion. Hold your vision clearly.

Then you take whatever inspired actions that feel aligned. Then, as you continue to hold the vision and take inspired action, you remain open to all kinds of magic and possibilities that may or may not have anything to do with the actions you've chosen to take.

It's all happening, when you allow it.

Aesop (of fable fame) is credited with saying “The level of our success is limited only by our imagination.” Aesop, challenge accepted.

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Does the law of allowing work for you? Do you see it a bit differently than this article suggests? Let us know in the comments!